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Career opportunities

Graduates of our program are well-suited for careers such as:
  • Biostatisticians
  • Project Managers
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
  • Research Directors
  • Actuarial Analysts

Examples of Potential Employment Opportunities:
  • Large corporations that use management information systems to monitor their productivity and effectiveness
  • New York City Board of Education school system with its multiple programs and need for multi-level evaluations
  • Private schools ranging from preschools to institutions of higher education, hospitals and medical clinics
  • Funded research settings and program evaluation projects affiliated within and outside of universities
  • Government sponsored programs that require outcome and impact assessment
  • Community organizations serving diverse populations
  • Publishing companies
  • Media organizations involved with advertising as well as network and educational programming
  • Testing organizations such as The College Board and Educational Testing Service

For further information and/or questions please contact:

Andrew Rasmussen, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, MS in Applied Psychological Methods
Fordham University

+1 (718) 817 4692
+1 (646) 293 3977

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