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Applied Psychological Methods Faculty

 Rachel Annunziato Dr. Rachel Annunziato
Research Interests:
  • Transition to adulthood for medically-ill adolescents/ young adults
  • Health care management in adolescents with a medical illness Medication adherence in pediatric patients
  • Psychosocial aspects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) in pediatrics
  • Intervention development to address pediatric NAFLD
  • Interactions between medical and psychiatric symptoms
Fran Blumberg Dr. Fran Blumberg
Research Interests:
Dr. Blumberg's research interests concern the development of children's attention and problem solving in the context of informal and formal digital learning settings.
 Joshua Brown Dr. Joshua Brown
Research Interests:
  • Contextual influences on the social, emotional and academic development of diverse, urban youth during middle childhood and adolescence
  • Influence of continuity/discontinuity in quality of instructional and non-instructional settings on youth development
  • School-based interventions to promote positive teacher/classroom and youth development
David Budesco  Dr. David Budescu
Research Interests:
  • Human judgment
  • Individual and group decision making under uncertainty and with incomplete and vague information
  • Statistics for the behavioral and social sciences
  • Applied Psychometrics
Heining Cham  Dr. Cham
Research Interests:
Propensity Score Analysis
Latent Variable Interaction
Missing Data Analysis
Longitudinal Analysis
 Celia Fisher Dr. Celia Fisher
Research Interests:
  • Health disparities, human rights, and identity development in adolescent, racial/ethnic minority and LGBT adolescent and and adult populations
  • Alcohol and drug use in adolescence and early adulthood
  • Informed consent capacity of healthy and hospitalized children and youth, adults with intellectual disabilities, individuals who use drugs, and those with mental disorders
  • Ethical attitudes and moral values among ethnic minority, LGBT, community workers and socially vulnerable groups
Adam Fried Dr. Adam Fried
Research Interests:
Dr. Fried has published in the area of research ethics, including informed consent and ethical issues related to the use of the internet in practice and research.
Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro Dr. Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro
Research interests:
  • Development of sense of self and morality across the lifespan
  • Basing evalution strategies for school change intervention programs in developmental and program theories
  Dr. Se-Kang Kim
Research Interests:
Profile Analysis via Multidimensional Scaling (shortly PAMS).  PAMS is aimed to identify latent profile patterns in a population and then interpret each individual in a population in terms of latent profile patterns.
 Ying Liu Dr. Ying Liu
Research Interests:
  • Improving the use of item response theory in psychological and health-related measurement
  • Developing unfolding/ideal-point models for attitude and preference measures
  • New innovations in cognitive diagnosis models, a family of latent class models that provides diagnostic profile information
  • Improving the use of structural equation modeling techniques in behavioral research
Monica McDermott  Dr. Monica McDermott
Research Interests:
  • voting cues
  • information shortcuts
  • regard to religious stereotypes and elections
  • public opinion of government
 Mary Procidano Dr. Mary Procidano
Research Interests:
  • Nature and consequences of interpersonal support and nonsupport
  • Nature and consequences of experiences of spiritual support and nonsupport
  • Domain-specific appraisal of life events and personal goals
  • Cross-cultural assessment
Michell Rabinowitz Dr. Mitchell Rabinowitz
Research Interests:
  • Educational Psychology
  • Cognition
  • Educational Technology
  • Metacognition
 Andrew Rasmussen Dr. Andrew Rasmussen
Research Interests:
  • Social-ecological effects of forced migration, 
  • Measurement of culturally-defined idioms 
  • Trauma and psychosocial stressors in humanitarian disasters
  • Immigrants' access to healthcare
  • Program evaluation
Kathleen Schiaffino Dr. Kathleen Schiaffino
Research Interests:
  • cognitive appraisals of chronic illness in children and adults
  • changes in identity as a result of chronic illness
  • self-help interventions with health
FatimaVarner Dr. Fatima Varner
Research Interests:
  • Influence of parenting on ethnic minority adolescents’ academic achievement and mental health
  • Contextual influences on mothers’ mental health and parenting Gender and ethnic achievement disparities
Fred Wertz Dr. Fred Wertz
Research Interests:
Dr. Wertz has conducted conducted empirical research on:
  • perception
  • crime victimization
  • consumer psychology
  • depression
  • abnormality
  • illness
  • weeping
  • guilt
  • procrastination

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