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Frequently Asked Questions about the Applied Psychological Methods Program

What prerequisites do I need to apply to the APM masters program?
Students must have successfully completed courses (at undergraduate or graduate levels), or demonstrated other indicators of competency, in at least one of the following areas: psychological theory and research; research methods; statistical techniques; psychological testing. Examples of courses which would satisfy these requirements include: Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics. In addition, successful applicants will have GRE scores above the 75th percentile (and no lower than the 60th), and will complete the other requirements of entry into Fordham's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).
View the Program Requirements document for additional information on course and credit requirements.

What are the requirements for the early admissions program?
An Early Admissions Master's Program allows completion of both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in five years. Undergraduate students currently matriculated in one of the colleges of Fordham University with a GPA of 3.2 or better may apply. For more information please see the GSAS Admission to a GSAS Master's Program document.

Do I have to declare or express interest to work with a faculty member on my application?
No. As this is an MS program, students are accepted to the entire program, not to particular professors. The Director makes the admissions decisions (along with associated faculty). APM students do not do research work with any particular professors.

Is it usual for students to go to PhD program at Fordham following this program?
This is a terminal master's program, not a master's as the first step on the way to a doctorate.

Is there an application deadline? When do I need to apply?
You can apply at any time. APM admits applicants through a "rolling admissions" system, whereby applications that arrive are processed quickly so that a student can begin classes the following semester. For merit consideration please contact the program.

What do students do after the MS Program?
We are oriented towards students who wish to move into careers that involve measurement and evaluation. This encompasses many career paths, from human resource management to healthcare evaluation to educational testing and even non-profit capacity-building.
View the Careers webpage to explore the career opportunities.

Are internships limited to those already arranged by the MS Program?

No. Internships need only be approved by the Program Director, and the program welcomes students' initiative in designing internships.

Is this a good program for students interested in Clinical or Counseling Psychology? Only if the students are research-oriented. There are no opportunities for clinical contact in the APM course of study; clinical methods are not the types of psychological methods that are applied in this master's. However, given that many PhD programs look favorably on applicants with strong statistical backgrounds, the MS may be advantageous for those planning to move on to advanced graduate training in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. Fordham does have two clinically-oriented Master's programs in the Education Department.

Can I complete the program as a part-time student?
Yes, we encourage part-time students, as long as you can complete your 30 credits within 5 years.

When are courses typically offered?
This year the courses students are enrolled in are mainly in the late afternoon. They are usually once a week. The exception are summer courses, which are, of course, more intensive. For some courses, on-line attendance is an option. 

For further information and/or questions please contact:

Andrew Rasmussen, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, MS in Applied Psychological Methods
Fordham University

+1 (718) 817 4692
+1 (646) 293 3977

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