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Program Evaluation Specialization - M.S. in Applied Psychological Methods

Specialization course and credit requirements
Required Program Evaluation Courses (9 credits)

PSYC 6850 Evaluation of Psychological and Social Programs (Dr. Ann Higgins)
Course reviews literature relating to the scientific evaluation of human service programs in the areas of mental health, addiction, compensatory education, societal innovation, etc. It includes discussion of the use of quasi-experimental designs, as well as methodological issues and pragmatic problems associated with evaluation studies.

PSYC 6360 Social Policy and Applied Psychology (Dr. Lonnie Sherrod)
Course covers the implications of social policy for applied psychology. Examples include the impact of funding patterns on opportunities for research and the application of human service interventions, and the implications of health and educational legislation for psychologists' research priorities.

PSYC 7890 Qualitative Methods (Dr. Fred Wertz)
This course examines strategies available for the analysis of data not appropriately addressed by typical statistical methodologies. Principles, procedures, ethics, and illustrative studies in phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative psychology, hermeneutics, heuristic research, psychoanalysis, action research, programs of evaluation, and feminism will be explored.
Students will select two of the following (6 credits)

PSGE 6337 Advanced Educational Psychology (Dr. Houtz)
Course covers theories and models of instructional design and applications of theories and research in educational psychology to the analysis and development of instructional programs.

PSYC 6330 Cognitive Development (Dr. Jopp)
Course covers theories and research in structuralism, neo-structuralism, information processing, connectionism and contextualism are investigated.

PSYC 6340 Personality Development (TBD)
Course provides a history of the life-span approach and examines current issues concerning  the nature, directionality and origins of personality stability and change within a life-span framework. Emphasis is given to the interdependence of biological and environmental factors influencing personality development.

PSGE 7301 Advanced Developmental Psychology (Dr. Fran Blumberg)
Course covers the analysis of recent theory and research in developmental psychology.


PSYC 6300 Developmental Psychology: Foundations (Dr. Laura Sosinsky)
Internship (3 credits)

PSYC 8001 Internship in Applied Psychological Methods (Dr. Ann Higgins)
Students will identify a research project or program evaluation project, in collaboration with their site supervisor and their internship mentor, and complete that project, drawing upon skills learned during the course of the Master's program. Students will have one semester to complete this project.

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