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Tests and Measurements Specialization - M.S. in Applied Psychological Methods

Specialization course and credit requirements
Required Test and Measurement Courses (9 credits)

PSYC 7920 Item Response Theory (Dr. Charles Lewis)
Course focuses on item response theory psychometric models, including two- and three-parameter models. Theory and application are discussed and studied, using the various models.

PSYC 7830 Structural Equation Modeling (Dr. Ying Liu)
Course familiarizes students with methodological topics include: determination of model parameters, fitting models to data, etc., USREL, EQS, AMOS, MPlUS and SEPATH.

PSYC 7850 Linear Models (Dr. David Budescu)
This course introduces logistic regression models including logit and probit models that deal with mainly categorical criterion measures.
Students will select two of the following (6 credits)

PSYC 7812 Factor Analysis (Dr. Se-Kang Kim)
Course covers theories of trait organization and techniques of factor analysis. There is critical evaluation of major research on the identification of aptitude and personality traits.

PSYC 7820 Nonparametric (Dr. Se-Kang Kim)
Course deals with modern resampling methods, such as bootstrapping and jackknifing sampling methods. These two methods are mainly utilized to estimate specific parameter estimates of interest by creating sampling distributions.

PSGE 7418 Issues in Non-Biased Assessment (Dr. Mitch Rabinowitz)
Course involves in-depth examination of issues, research and models in non-biased assessment. Topics will include adaptive behavior, problems in classification, test bias, fairness, and judicial and legislative influences.

CISC6825 Computer Algorithms (Dr. Gary Weiss)
A systematic study of important and useful computer algorithms for solving practical problems; sorting and searching, string processing, geometric and graph algorithms, combinatorial optimization techniques; average and worst-case analysis, time and space complexity, correctness, optimality and real implementation.

CISC 6930 Data Mining (Dr. David Wei)
Course covers methods, algorithms, and applications of data mining. Topics include: representation, measurement, and visualization of data; analysis of large data set using information fusion and statistical combinatorial, and computational techniques; data mining algorithms and models (e.g. decision trees, neural networks, associative rules, support vector machines, machine learning, and genetic algorithms); descriptive vs. predictive modeling; and management of large diversified database systems. Applications are drawn from a variety of areas including information retrieval, market analysis and CRM, e-commerce, financial computing, economic forecasting, social choices, security and safety analysis, bioinformatics, and virtual screening for drug discovery and development.
Internship (3 credits)

PSYC 8001 Internship in Applied Psychological Methods (Dr. Se-Kang Kim)
Students will identify a research project, in collaboration with their site supervisor and their internship mentor, and complete that project, drawing upon skills learned during the course of the Master’s program. Students will have one semester to complete this project.

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