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Dr. Tiffany Yip
Program Director
Fordham University's program in Applied Developmental Psychology has received national recognition for research excellence and for its leadership in establishing national guidelines for graduate education in applied developmental science. Students are exposed to foundations and application of developmental theories and research methods to understand and enhance human development across the lifespan in real world settings. Students engage in research with the faculty, gaining considerable experience conducting fieldwork relevant to assessment, research ethics, program development, program evaluation, and social policy. Through courses, research apprenticeships, and field placements, students in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at Fordham have the opportunity to develop specific competencies in one of three ADP concentrations.

Fordham's program integrates rigorous research in Developmental Psychology conducted in both laboratory and applied settings with program and policy issues. Students acquire the skills to contribute to the continuum of basic, applied, and prevention science to advance programs and policies affecting individuals, their families and communities. Faculty research and student areas of study are diverse, including descriptive, explanatory and intervention research on: cognitive and social development within the ecology of family, schooland neighborhood; developmental psychopathology; development in the context of race, ethnicity and culture; successful aging; and development and health. ADP students gain essential skills in statistical analysis of data from cross sectional and longitudinal designs through close collaboration with Fordham’s renowned Psychometrics program.

Recent Achievements

  • Dr. Joshua Brown has been elected to serve as one of the five Senior Representatives on the Steering Committee of the University-Based Child and Family Policy (CFP) Consortium. Fordham Psychology
  • ADP student Sheen Jeswani wins 2014 APA Division 52 Student International Research Award. Fordham Psychology
  • Amid national discourse on race, recent ADP graduate Sara Douglass' dissertation on ethnic putdowns receives press. S-R-A, Fordham Notes.
  • Human trafficking research of current ADP student Stefanie Vuotto featured in Huffington Post, NY Times, Inside Fordham.
  • Award-winning psychologist and ADP graduate Scyatta Wallace reflects on her tenure at Fordham and the cycle of empowerment.

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