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Abstracts of all Fordham dissertations are available at DigitialResearch@Fordham.  DigitalResearch@Fordham is an electronic database of publications authored by Fordham faculty and students that is accessible to the public. 

Full text of Fordham doctoral dissertations published since 1996 can be obtained from the Proquest "Dissertations & Thesis @Fordham University" database.

Sara Douglass 2013 Capacity And Perspective In Racial/Ethnic Teasing: A Daily Diary Study Examining Personal and Interpersonal Experiences Among Adolescents And Emerging Adults
Cooper Lawrence 2013 The Relationship Between Television Viewing and The Political Views and Behaviors Of The Emerging Adults
Kaori Germano 2012 The Role Of Bilingualism On Executive Functioning And Cognitive Aging In A Latino HIV+ Population
Ping Guo 2012 Understanding And Assessing School Culture: Validation Of The School Culture Scale (SCS), A Meta-Analytic Review Of Its Dimensionality, And An Exploration Of Its Relations To The Teacher Factors
Jacqueline Horan 2012 A Prospective, Longitudinal Examination Of The Influence Of Childhood Home And School Contexts On Psychopathic Characteristics In Adolescence
Tameeka Jordan 2012 Evaluating The Effectiveness Of School-Based Programs For Middle School Students: A Meta-Analysis
James Lauckhardt 2012 The Effect of Connectedness as an Adolescent on Active Citizenship in Adulthood: A Longitudinal Study
Emalinda McSpadden 2012 Family Therapy Treatment Adherence Among Community-Based Health Center Family Therapists Working With Adolescents
Raquel Plotka 2012 Maternity Leave, Mother-Child Interactions, And Attachment
Karyn Vacanti-Shova 2012 The Role of Intervention And Age Of Diagnosis On The Diagnostic Behavioral And Educational Outcomes Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Suzanne Elgendy 2011 A Transactional Model of Parenting Practices And Children's Aggressive Behavior In Neighborhood Context
Karen Kennedy 2011 Subjective Dispositions And Individual Differences Associated With Prosocial Donor Behaviors
Suzanne Elgendy 2010 A Transactional model of parenting practices and children’s aggressive behavior in neighborhood context.
Alexandra Barsdorf 2010 Utility of Cognitive Malingering Measures in a Forensic Psychiatric Sample)
Anthony Iroh 2010 Implications of Moral Capital in Adolescents’ and Young Adults Moral Actions
Kamla Modi 2010 Positive Developmental Experiences Through Sports Participation For Adolescent Girls
Megan Seibert 2010 Predicting Trajectories Of Family Functioning From Early Head Start Parent Service Usage
Kenneth Texeira 2010 Personality, Spirituality, and Religiosity As Predictors Of Quality Of Life And Affect In A Cancer Population
Karla Vermeulen 2010 The Impact of Exposure to Illness on Compliance with Persuasive Communication about Advance Healthcare Directive Creation
Nava Silton 2009 Can You Tell Me How To Get More Disabilities on Sesame Street? Fostering Sensitivity, Tolerance, and Social Interaction of Typical Children towards Children with Autism.
Valeria Villaran 2009 Maternal Experiences and Infant Problems in Sleeping, Feeding, and Anger Regulation
Andrea Anushko 2008 Multidomain Predictors of Trajectories of Language Development in Early Childhood
Anne-Marie Hoxie 2008 Fostering Positive Growth Experiences in High School After-School Programs
Aelesia Pisciella 2008 Estimating Effects of Participation in Parental Leave on Children’s and Mothers’ Well-Being
Maria R. Reyes 2008 Pathways through Childhood: The Role of Poverty, the Family Environment, and Children’s Regulatory Capacities in Trajectories of Academic Achievement
Jessica Hafetz 2007 The Inergenereational Transmission of Health Knowledge and Behaviors: An Evaluation of the Go! Kids Obesity Prevention Program
Lauren Baskir 2006 Cognitive Impulsivity and Behavioral Problems in Adolescents
Kimber Bogard 2006 Testing a PK-3 approach to education in three urban public schools.
Shoshana Dayanim 2006 Ethnic Stereotyping and Patriotism Among Preadolescents in relation with Television Viewing
Debra Henninger 2006 Ecological validity of neuropsychological assessment: The roles of vocational assessment and employment in aging HIV and adults
Margarita Posada 2006 Effects of an Intergenerational Activity on Nursing Home Residents: A Children Serving Elders Model
Jason Barr 2005 The Development of Empathy in Adolescents Attending a Just Community Alternative High School
Lisa Dancho 2005 Cognitive And Personality Correlates Of Adolescent Depressed Mood
Gallant 2005 Belief in a Just World as it Relates to Causal Attributions for Gun-Related Incidents and Attitudes Toward Gun Control
Katherine Jankowski 2005 Predictors of Compassionate and Polite Prosocial Behavior: Moral Reasoning, Relaxation, Self-Reflection, and Spirituality
Kiera Layburn 2005 An Evaluation of an Early Childhood Assessment Program and its Effect on
Montalto, D. 2005 Co-Parenting within Foster Care: Influences on Child Development
Johanna Sood 2005 Religious Coping and Mental Health Outcomes in Family Members Making DNR Decisions
Edward Cisek 2004 The Role of Future-Related Thinking and Perceived Social Support in Identity Development Processes
Karen Kiley-Brabeck 2004 Social skills of children with 22q11 Deletion Syndrome: A social cognitive neuroscience approach
Sarah Dauber 2004 Treatment Focus in Individual and Family Therapy for Adolescent Drug Abuse
Kristi Ferraro 2004 The Influence of Parental Perceptions on The Use of Booster Seats: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior
Sarah Vecchiotti 2004 A Two Year Evaluation of the Jumpstart Program in New York City
Jenean Castillo 2003 Family-Based Resilience Processes in African American Inner-City At-Risk Youth
Leyla Faw 2003 Multidimensional Fidelity Evaluation in a Residential Program for Adolescent Substance Abuse
Daniel Patanella 2003 Assessing Predictors of Science Grades and Career Goals in University Undergraduates
Ellen Verini 2003 Commitment to the Parental Role, Parenting Stress, and Parenting Styles Among Foster Mothers
Verena Cimarolli 2002 The impact of perceived overprotection on adjustment to age-related vision loss
Mary Guarino 2002 A Multidimensional Approach to the Assessment of Social Support and Its Relationship to Adults' Use of Biomedical and Alternative Health Care Services
Ronit Roth-Hanania 2002 The Role of self-concept development in the development of empathic concern during empathy
Lisa Markman 2002 The Impact of School Culture on Adolescents Prosocial Motivation
Heather Snyder 2002 Self-Esteem of Children and Adolescents Who Have a Craniofacial Anomaly
Wendy Tineo 2002 Impact of aged-paced parenting newsletters on at-risk families
Scyatta Wallace 2002 Cultural Resilience: An Examination of Parent, Peer, and Cultural Factors Associated with Black Teenage Attitudes Toward Delinquency and Substance Abuse
Martha Mendez-Baldwin 2001 Changes in Parental Sense of Competence and Attitudes in Low-Income Head Start Parents as a Result of Participation in a Parent Education Workshop
Jessica Everett 2001 The role of Child, Family, and Intervention Characteristics in Predicting Stress in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Fabiana DesRosiers 2001 The Role of the Family and Culture on Toddler’s developing Self Concept: A Focus on Pride and Shame, Autonomy and Compliance.
Christine Cea 2001 Assessing the Capacity of People with Mental Retardation to Make Informed Treatment Decisions
Coleen O'Sullivan 2001 Adolescents' Perceptions of Peer Sexual Harassment in School
Diane Herbert 2000 Adolescents’ smoking behavior and attitudes: The influence of parents’ smoking communications, behavior and attitudes
Kathleen Kane 2000 The Relationship Between Organizational Climate and Moral Decision-Making in Pediatric Registered Nurses
Tammy Dichter-Blancher 1999 The Role of Language and parenting behaviors in the development of mastery motivation in toddlers
Diana Knauf 1998 The role of the socializing environment in the development of mastery motivation: Examining the transition period from 17-22 months.
Denise Fyrberg-Bisaccia 1998 College Student's Ethical Evaluations of the Use of Control Groups in Test Anxiety Treatment Studies
Jolynn-Marie Wagner 1997 The neuropsychological correlates of early reading acquisition: Implications for early identification of reading disability and for children placed in transitional first grade classrooms
Jean-Marie Bruzzese 1997 The Ability of Minors to Define and Recognize their Rights in Research

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