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Abstracts of all Fordham dissertations are available at DigitialResearch@Fordham.  DigitalResearch@Fordham is an electronic database of publications authored by Fordham faculty and students that is accessible to the public. 

Full text of Fordham doctoral dissertations published since 1996 can be obtained from the Proquest "Dissertations & Thesis @Fordham University" database.

Kelly Decker 2013 Childhood Neglect and the Development of Self-Injury in Axis II Pathology
Miraj Desai 2013 Caring In Context: Parents' Experiences Of Autism Services in India
Joanna L. Fava 2013 Maternal Anger and Harsh Discipline In Relation To Child Emotion Regulation, Externalizing, and Internalizing Problems
Sumithra Raghavan 2013 Factor Structure and measurement Invariance of the Brief symptom Inventory in Survivors of Torture and Severe Trauma
Isabel Rodriguez 2013 Ethnicity And Parent Education As Predictors Of Neurocognitive Performance And Adaptive Functioning Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Diane Scheiner 2013 The Incremental Contribution Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder To Verbal Learning And Memory Profiles In Major Depression
Lia Amakawa 2012 Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Initiation And Response In At-Risk Youth After Suicide Screenings
Felicia Fraser 2012 Association Between Aggression, Executive Functioning, And Suicidality In Adults With Psychotic Disorders
Erez Harari 2012 The Relationship Between Religiosity/Spirituality And Mental Health In Gay Orthodox Jews
Graciete Lo 2012 Do Daily Spiritual Experiences Buffer the Effects of Stoicism And Fatalism On Psychological Distress And Treatment Seeking In A Chinese American Cancer Sample With Pain?
Crystall J. Matthews 2012 Generational Status, Racial, And Ethnic Identity, And Psychological Well-Being Among Afro-Caribbean College Students
Yeraz Meschian 2012 An Examination of Anxiety Sensitivity Among Children And Adolescents With Anxiety Disorders: Disorder-Specific Sensitivites And Relation To Parental Sensitivity
Jennifer Monzones 2012 The Role of Executive Dysfunction In Diminished Awareness of Neurocognitive Deficits Among HIV+ Adults
Ekaterina Pivovarova 2012 "Development And Validation Of The Malingering Of Psychopathology Checklist (MPC) "
Azizi Seixas 2012 The Protective Role Of Individual, Familial, And Peer Factors On The Association Between Chronic Cumulative Strain And Delinquency
Elliot Weiner 2012 Cognitive Mediation of the Relationship Between Different Traumatic And Non-Traumatic Stressors And Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Alyssa Arentoft 2011 Socioeconomic Predictors Of Neuropschyological Performance In An Urban HIV+ Cohort
Courtney Berry 2011 Clinical Factors Related To And Predictive Of Psychiatric Inpatient Length Of Stay
Jesse Brand 2011 Emotion Processing Bias In Depressed and Anxious Epilepsy
Tia Dole 2011 Intergenerational Transmission Of Trauma In African Immigrants
Ava Dorfman 2011 A Study Of The Acute Effects Of Chemotherapy On Neurocognitive Function Among Pediatric Cancer Patients
Lucia Ferri 2011 A Comparison Of Conceptual Models of Depression And Anxiety In Chinese Americans And European Americans And The Role Of Culture
Ricardo Martinez 2011 Validity Of The Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocal Revised (J-SOAP-II) With A Multiehnic Sample Of Juvenile Sex Offenders Released From Juvenile Justice Commission Placements
Kia Mills 2011 The Relationship of Emotional Competence To Levels of Agression in Adolescents
Tiffany Monroe 2011 Spirituality As A Moderator Of The Relationship Between Peer Group Behaviors And Health Compromising Behaviors Among College Students
Matt Oransky 2011 Endorsement Of Traditional Male Role Norms: Investigating The Contribution To Proactive And Reactive Agression In Adolescent Boys
Isaiah Pickens 2011 An Investigation Of Pathways To Academic Amotivation And Reactive Aggression Among High School Students: Domain Specificity Or Multifinality
Adela Roxas 2011 The Relationship Of Psychological Mindedness And Religious Coping To Psychological Distress And Adjustment in Urban High-School Students
Emily Sachs 2011 Assessing The Impact Of Psychological Distress On The Daily Functioning Of Refugess: Creating A High Risk Symptom Profile For Disability Among Nonwestern Trauma Survivors
Chaim Siegel 2011 The Psychometric Validation Of A Subjective Memory Complaints Inventory For The Epilepsy Population
Nate Thoma 2011 The Quality Of Randomized Controlled Trials Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Depression: A Quantatative Assessment And Meta-Regression
Alex Garcia-Mansilla 2010 Can we assess risk for violence in women? Predictive accuracy of the HCR-20
Sabrina Goodman 2010 Perceptions Of Parent and Child Attachment In Parents Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Debbie Green 2010 Utility Of Cognitive Malingering Measures in a Forensic Psychiatric Sample
Justin Misurell 2010 Clinical efficacy of a game-based cognitive-behavioral therapy group program for children who have been sexually abused and maltreated
Pedro Saez 2010 The Impact Of Sociocultural Factors On Nonverbal Neuropyschological Test Performance Among Hispanic Epilepsy Patients
Nicoletta Skoufalos 2010 The Development of Bulimia Nervosa: A Psychological Phenomenological Analysis
Cydney Van Dyke 2010 The Relationship Of Perceived Stress, General Coping, And Religious Coping To Psychologoical Distress And Adjustment In Urban High-School Students
Karen Daddona 2009 An investigation of working memory ability, executive functioning and judgment of learning in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Robyn Glover 2009 Cultural, familial, peer, and cognitive predictors of black and white college student drinking
Pat Gruner 2009 Neuropsychological functioning in obsessive-compulsive disorder: A comparison of patients with and without a history of tics
Jason Hassenstab 2009 A longitudinal study of the impact of the metabolic syndrome on cognition and brain volumes in normal aging
Thalia Kamninos 2009 " Prosocial behavior as a moderator of the relationship between spirituality and subjective well-being"
Melanie Moretz 2009 The factor structure and measurement equivalency of the Disgust Scale across language and gender
Megan Olden 2009 Posttraumatic growth in cancer patients at the end of life: An exploration of predictors and outcomes
Iris Paltin 2009 The functional impact of HIV-related neuropsychiatric comorbidities
Vivian Pan 2009 Psychosocial maturity and psychopathy in male juvenile offenders: An examination of Kegan's theory of developmental delay and the role of temperament and age as moderators
Tracy Prout 2009 Do Images Of God And Attachment To God Moderate The Effects Of Object Relations On Recovery Among Outpatients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

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