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Clinical Externships

Clinical psychology doctoral students typically complete between 2 and 4 years of formal externship training at local area mental health facilities. The program maintains a listing of more than 100 approved sites in the metropolitan New York City area, serving virtually every conceivable population. We strive to provide our students with a well-balanced and diverse training experience, working with a wide range of psychological disorders, populations, and mental health delivery systems. This flexibility enables students to achieve the level of competence in clinical assessment and intervention needed to obtain a competitive APA-approved internship placement, while still pursuing specialized training in any area of interest.

First year students identify, apply for, and interview at 6-8 externship sites in consultation with their mentor and the Director of Clinical Training. Second and third year students spend a full academic year at one externship site. During the spring semester, students they identify, apply for, and interview at externship sites around the region, in consultation with their academic advisor and the Director of Clinical Training. Most fourth year students elect to complete an additional year of externship training while working on their dissertation, in order to add further depth or breadth to their clinical training and further strengthen their readieness for an APA approved internship. In addition, many students opt to complete summer externships in order to supplement the breadth of their training or develop additional specialized skills.

Although our official externship database is only released to our own doctoral students, most of the local externship sites are listed on a publicly available wiki page:

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