Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Graduate Program Faculty

Dr. Peggy Andover
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI); Attempted Suicide; NSSI and Suicide Treatment Development
Dr. Rachel Annunziato
Health and Pediatric Psychology
Dr. David Chabot
Clinical Program
Dr. Keith Cruise
  Forensic Psychology; Juvenile Justice; Assessment; Adolescent Mental Health
Dr. David S. Glenwick
Clinical Child and Geropsychology; Community Psychology; Developmental Disabilities; CBT
Dr. David Marcotte
Clinical Program
Dr. Dean McKay
Clinical Program
Dr. Mary Procidano
Perceived social support and appraisal; Cross-cultural assessment; Spirituality; Interpersonal psychotherapy
Dr. Andrew Rasmussen
Individual-level trauma and socioecological change in forced migration(NIH/NICHD); Community based participatory involving low-income immigrant groups(Foundation for Child Development); Culture and psychological distress
Dr. Monica Rivera-Mindt
Clinical Program
Dr. Barry Rosenfeld
Forensic Psychology; Health Psychology; Torture and Political Violence
Dr. Amy Roy
Child psychopathology
Dr. Kathleen Schiaffino
Clinical Program
Dr. Warren Tryon
Behavioral Assessment; Actigraphy; Cognitive Neuroscience; Connectionism
Dr. Fred Wertz
Phenomenological, Existential, and Humanistic Psychology; Qualitative research methods
 Dr. Molly Zimmerman
Clinical Program

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