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Graduate Student Profiles

This is a partial list of students currently enrolled in the Applied Developmental Program.  For complete enrollment statistics please vist the ADP GSAS admission statistic page

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Katelyn Affleck

Mentor: Dr. Keith Cruise
Master's Thesis Topic: Investigating non-suicidal self-injury in justice-involved adolescents using the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (START:AV)

Justin Arocho
Mentor: Dr. Dean McKay
Affiliate Lab: C.O.A.P. (McKay)
Master's Thesis Topic: Modeling Moral Disgust in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Doctoral Thesis Topic: TBD 
Classes Taught: Personality Lab in Advanced Personality Assessment

Kelly Coulehan

Mentor: Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt
Master's Thesis Topic: Long term effects of dexamethasone on the neurocognitive development of preterm infants: Follow-up at school-age
Doctoral Thesis Topic: The Impact of sleep on the neurocognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning of children with epilepsy
Katherine Crowe
Mentor: Dr. Dean McKay
Affiliate Lab: C.O.A.P. (McKay)

James Griffin

Mentor: Dr. David Marcotte
Master's Thesis Topic: My second year project focuses on sexual identity development among gay and bisexual men in relation to mental and sexual health risk. My Master's thesis from my previous alma mater looked at differences in gender role stress between heterosexuals and sexual minorities and the relation between gender role stress and sexually risky behaviors.

Sarah Kamens
Mentor: Dr. Frederick Wertz
Master's Thesis Topic: The DSM-5 controversies: A phenomenological analysis.
Doctoral Thesis Topic: Reconceptualizing psychosis: Culture and heterogeneity in the 'schizophrenia' diagnosis.

Blair Morris
Mentor: Dr. Peggy Andover
Affiliate Lab: Mood and Behavior Lab (Andover)
Master's Thesis Topic: Associations among Pain Perception, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance in Individuals with a History of NSSI
Doctoral Thesis Topic: Emotion Regulation in NSSI

Rachel Ojserkis
Mentor: Dr. Dean McKay
Affiliate Lab: C.O.A.P. (McKay)
Master's Thesis Topic: Comprehensive Distancing: A Novel Approach to Treating Moral Disgust, Shame, and Guilt in Posttraumatic Stress Reactions

Charles Olbert
Mentor: Dr. Frederick Wertz
Master's Thesis Topic: For my master's thesis I'm using theoretical tools and epidemiological data to explore the combinatorial structure of polythetic DSM diagnostic criteria in order to mathematically describe the degree to which two individuals with the 'same disorder' could each meet diagnostic criteria yet share few or even no symptoms in common. This project has conceptual implications for research into the etiology psychiatric disorders.

Marguerite Shashoua
Mentor: Dr. Peggy Andover
Affiliate Lab:Mood and Behavior Lab (Andover)
Classes Taught: General Biology Lab I and II (TA)

Monique Wilson
Mentor: Dr. Rachel Annunziato
Master's Thesis Topic: The Association Between School and Neighborhood Racial Composition with Perception of Discrimination and Race-related Rejection Sensitivity in Adolescents
Doctoral Thesis Topic: Neurocognitive and Whole-System Reactions to Covert Racial Discrimination-Induced Stress

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