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Teacher Training Program
  • The Department of Psychology is committed to the teaching of psychology at all levels and seeks to provide doctoral students with opportunities for professional development through the teaching of psychology.
  • These programs are for graduate students to prepare for full time academic careers, to complement practice with teaching, and to develop leadership, organizational, and public speaking skills.
  • The Department provides a sequence of programs that can begin as early as a doctoral student's first year and could continue until the student earns his or her PhD degree. These programs are important vehicles for students' professional development and they embody the highest values of the Department and University: academic excellence, care of the person, and service to others.
  • As in all areas of Psychology, the Department places emphasis on ethics and integrity; therefore, ethics related to teaching is featured at various training points in collaboration with the Center for Ethics Education.
Underlying Philosophy
  • The Teachers Training Program is that students trained in our doctoral programs should be prepared to take on positions in a wide range of academic settings.
  • In order to be successful at the full range of academic settings, all doctoral students should be prepared to teach undergraduate courses in Introductory Psychology (now titled 'Foundations of Psychology' at Fordham University), Statistics, and Research Methods.
  • Doctoral students should also be prepared to teach within their area of expertise based on their respective doctoral program.
  • Finally, it is also anticipated that, through the Teachers Training Program, students will be capable of preparing and teaching courses that fall outside their primary area of expertise. This is in order to prepare for the real expectations frequently placed on newly hired professors at many institutions of higher learning.
The Psychology Department Teacher Training program offers:
  1. Teaching of Psychology Seminar every year, open to all students,
  2. Teaching Fellowships (competitively awarded, requiring the Teaching of Psychology Seminar) for which all 3rd year students may apply,
  3. Senior Teaching Fellowships (competitively awarded) for 4th year students,
  4. Mentorship by full-time faculty, and
  5. Teaching Associate positions for ABD students.
Teacher Training Program Manual


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