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Abstracts of all Fordham dissertations are available at DigitialResearch@Fordham.  DigitalResearch@Fordham is an electronic database of publications authored by Fordham faculty and students that is accessible to the public. 

Full text of Fordham doctoral dissertations published since 1996 can be obtained from the Proquest "Dissertations & Thesis @Fordham University" database.

Stephen Cubbellotti 2013 Exploring The Application of Nonparametric Item Response Theory Techniques to Alternate Assessments
Liliya Korenovska 2013 An Exploration Of Test Taker, Rater, And Item Facets Of The Writing Section Of TOEFL Using Many-Facet Rasch Measurement
James Marcus 2013 Visual Communication of Uncertainty in Continuous Distribution
Min-Kyung Park 2013 Explicit Instruction And Priming Of Achievement Goals: Effect On Risk-Taking Behavior
Han Hui Por 2013 Improving The Assessment of Subjective Probabilities Of Joint And Conditional Events
Nazia Rahman 2013 Samejima Items In Multiple-choice Tests: Identification And Implications
Arnond Sakworawich 2013 Developing Models And Applying Bayesian Decision Theory For Standard Setting In College Placement
Catherine Trapani 2013 Multilevel Modeling Of Cognitive Ability In Highly Functioning Adutls
Frank Williams 2013 Assessing Items And Rater Agreement Through Prevalence And Bias For Dichotomous And Polytous Data
Veleka Allen 2012 Multidimensional Scaling of Noncognitive Assessments: Application to the Situational Test of Emotional Understanding.
Janyce Osenbach 2012 Identifying Longitudinal Trajectories of Injured Trauma Survivors with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Jodi Casabianca 2011 Loglinear Smoothing for the Latent Trait Distribution: A Two-Tiered Evaluation.
Michael Chajewski 2011 MLE Vs. Bayesian Item Exposure in Non-Cognitive Type Adaptive Assessments with Restricted Item Pools: Trait Estimation, Item Selection and Reliability.
Ying Zhou 2011 Comparing Parametric Item Response Theory And Nonparametric Item Response Theory: Application In Psychological Research Using Polytomous Items.
Duanli Yan 2010 Investigation of Optimal Design And Scoring For Adaptive Multi-Stage Testing: A Tree-Based Regression Approach.
Anzalee Khan 2010 Use of Nonparametric Item Response Theory To Develop A Shortened Version Of The Positive And Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) For Patients With Schizophrenia.
Xinhui Xiong 2010 An Optimism Technique For Item Pool Evaluation With Guidance For Modification Of Item Pools and Test Specifications.
G. Anthony Benners 2010 Exploring the Influences of Individual Differences and School Context on Learning Mathematics in High School: A Multilevel Latent Growth Analysis of Mathematical Reasoning Skills.
Tammy Trierweiler 2010 An Evaluation of Estimation Methods in Confirmatory Factor Analytic Models with Ordered Categorical Data in LISREL.
Jason Fletcher 2009 Detecting Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in the Diabetes Risk Perception Survey (RPS-DM).
Konstantin Augemberg 2008 Values and politics: Value priorities as predictors of psychological and instrumental engagement.
Michael Mekhael 2008 The impact of the errors of equating and errors of measurement on the reported scores.
David C. Nofer 2007 Conditional item dependence for testlet items.
Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman 2007 The mystery of inequity: Modeling the influence of intergenerational access on intellective competence.
Guangming Ling 2007 Validity and fairness of college admissions: Model choices and interaction with college characteristics.
Rochelle S. Michel 2006 The development of a cognitive model to provide psychometrically sound and useful diagnostic information for a quantitive measure.
Jose J. Salcedo 2006 Using implicit and explicit theories of creativity to develop a personality measure for assessing creativity.
Brett Thombs 2004 Measurement invariance of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire across gender and race/ethnicity : applications of structural equation modeling and item response theory.
Glenn Milewski 2004 Using Bayesian methods to evaluate Thurstone's simple structure concept.
Trina Reuben 2003 Investigating test fairness of GRE scores for veterinary student selection.
Jeremy Boyd 2002 A comparison of Cronbach's coefficient alpha and latent variable model estimates of composite reliability for congeneric measures.
Carol George 2001 The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test: Assessment of cross-cultural validity, reliability, and differential item functioning.
David Williamson 2000 Utility of model criticism indices for Bayesian inference networks in cognitive assessment.
Andrew Wiley 1999 An investigation into two models for equating examinations with multiple item formats.
Peter Flom 1999 Multicollinearity diagnostics for multiple regression: A Monte Carlo study.
Julie West 1998 Do performance standards reflect conceptions of competence?  The relationship between implicit theories of competence and standard-setting judgments.
Kevin. Sweeney 1996 A Monte Carlo investigation of the likelihood ratio procedure in the detection of differential item functioning.
Paul Rubenstein 1995 The early retirement decision as a behavioral manifestation of organizational withdrawal.
Devyani Sadh 1994 Performance of some estimators in covariance structure models with nonnormal data.
Thanos Patelis 1994 Effects of sample size, model misspecification and the number of indicators on fit indices for covariance structure modeling : a Monte Carlo study.
Steve Sireci 1993 Evaluating test content using cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling.
Carol DeVictoria 1991 A Monte Carlo study of the parameters of the logit model under small sample sizes and varying adjustment techniques.
Matthew Schultz 1991 A comparison of some recently proposed procedures for detecting the presence of biased test items.
Scott Herschberger 1990 The mediation of development in maternally and paternally related half-siblings by passive, evocative and active genotype-environment effect.
Lynn Cook 1990 The predictive validity of traditional and nontraditional admissions measures for college performance in students grouped by sex, race, age and academic risk.
Donald Wiger 1988 Yerkes-Dodson effect in social facilitation tasks.
Gerard Cariffe 1987 A Monte Carlo study of the robustness of canonical correlation under varying sample data conditions.
Jean Kirnan 1986 The relationship of recruitingsource to applicant quality and subsequent new-hire success controlling for ethnicity, sex and age of the applicant.
Susan Reilly 1985 Metaphor and the enhancement of memory for prose.
Robert Margolies 1984 Family concept factors mediating dysfunction in families with an encopretic child.
Mary Schratz 1983 An empirical study of the consistency of Thurstone and Rasch model approaches to the vertical equating of a multi-level multi-form achievement test series.
Gardner Locke 1983 The relationship of item bias in standardized tests to instructional deficit in education among white and black students.
Jay Breyer 1981 Ethnic group differences in selected aspects of test-taking behavior on a standardized admissions test.
Marie Thomas 1981 The effects of teacher sex and student sex on student ratings of college instructors: A factor analytic investigation.
Kathleen Kappy (Lundquist) 1980 Differential effects of decreased testing time on the verbal and quantitative aptitude scores of males and females.
Susana Urbina 1972 Cultural and sex differences in affiliation and achievement drives as expressed in reported dream content and a projective technique.
Louis Hsu 1971 The effect of puromycin on retention in goldfish state dependence versus consolidation interference hypothesis.
Thomas Hogan 1970 Socioeconomic community variables as predictors of cognitive test performance in school children.
Martin Meade 1963 Autobiographical inventory as a predictor of an essentially non-intellectual criterion of college success.
Sr. Mary Florianne Zacharewicz 1963 Relations between teaching attitudes of prospective teachers and their self descriptions.
Donald Lombardi 1962 Factors affecting changes in attitudes toward negroes among high school students.
Eileen Canty 1962 The objective and evaluative indices affecting the rating of performance on the Logical Analysis Device.
Vincent Murphy 1962 The relationship between self-concept and manifest anxiety in college freshmen.
Ann Lucas 1961 Relationship between attitude of student nurses toward childbearing and certain selected individual and background characteristics.
Cyril Sutter 1961 A comparative study of the interest and personality
patterns of major seminarians.
John Purcell 1961 Expressed self-concept and adjustment in sexually delinquent and non-delinquent adolescent girls.
Harold Poland 1961 Relationship between self concept and supervisory and peer ratings of success in nurses’ training.
Daniel Baer 1961 A factor analytic study of perceptual and personality rigidity tests.
Ann McHugh 1957 Investigation of the reliability and concurrent validity of two levels of the California Test of Mental Activity.
James Filella 1957 Educational and sex differences in the organization of abilities in technical and academic students in Colombia, South America.
Doris Ryan 1955 Reliability of graphic indices in the Draw A Person test.
Frank Catalano 1955 Comparative function of performance of a group of cerebral palsied children in different intellectual functions.
Leon Lussier 1955 An investigation of a test battery for the identification of homosexuals.
Harold Sackman 1953 An investigation of certain aspects of the validity of the formal rorschach scoring system in relation to age, education, and vocabulary score.
Francis Gilhooly 1952 Validity and reliability of the Rorschach.
Francis Douglas 1951 A study of certain perceptual and imaginative responses of a group of art students compared to the responses of an equated group of non-art students.
Sonia Avakian 1951 Investigation of trait relationships among six year old children.
Edward Ricciuti 1949 A study of listeners and nonlisteners to various types of radio programs in terms of selected ability, attitude, and behavior measures.
Henry Ricciuti 1949 A comparison of critical flicker frequency in psychotics, psychoneurotics, and normals.
Dorothy Ackermann 1940 Critical evaluation of the Viennese Tests as applied to 200 New York infants six to twelve months.
Joseph Kubis 1937 Phenomenology of error.

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