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Brown Bag Lectures By Year
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Ben Goodrich, Ph.D. - May 13, 2011
Postdoctoral Researcher, Columbia University
Choosing the Number of Factors in a Factor Analysis Model

Scott Hershberger, Ph.D. - March 2, 2011
Harris Interactive
Univariate and Multivariate Equivalence Testing in Psychology

Yigal Attali, Ph.D. - March 23, 2011

Research Scientist, ETS

Immediate Feedback and Opportunity to Revise Answers in Educational Assessments

Shasa Dobrow, Ph.D. - March 30, 2011

Assistant Professor, Fordham University
A Siren Song?: A Longitudinal Study of Calling and Ability (Mis)Perception in Musicians' Careers

Yelin Li, Ph.D. - April 13, 2011

Connections: From Graph Theory to Cellular Phone Automatic Sensing of Social Networking

Robyn Sysko, Ph.D.
- September 14, 2011

Mark Griel, Ph.D.
- September 21, 2011

Andrew Rasmussen, Ph.D.
- October 12, 2011

Robert Mislevy, Ph.D.
(Anastasi Lecture Series Presenter) -
October 26, 2011

Larry DeCarlo, Ph.D.
- November 9, 2011

Christian Luhmann - November 30, 2011

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D.
- December 7, 2011



Frank Hsu, Ph.D. – February 3, 2010
Clavius Distinguished Professor of Science, Professor of Computer and Information Science, Fordham University

Sandip Sinharay, Ph.D. – February 24, 2010
Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service

David Williamson, Ph.D. – April 14, 2010 
Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service

George Englehard, Ph.D.- September 15, 2010
Professor, Emory University
The Quest for Invariant Measurement in the Human Sciences

Keith Markus, Ph.D.- September 22, 2010
Associate Professor, John Jay College
Measurement, causation, and test validity

Susan Embretson, Ph.D.- November 3, 2010
Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Item Generation Revisited: Psychometric Issues and Models in 2010

Jennifer Hill, Ph.D.- November 17, 2010
Associate Professor, NYU
Why We (Usually) Don't Have to Worry About Multiple Comparisons


Patrick Shrout, Ph.D. – February 11, 2009

Professor of Psychology, New York University
Mediation Analysis Made Easy and Difficult

Matthias von Davier, Ph.D. – February 25, 2009
Principal Research Scientist, ETS International
Large Scale Survey Assessment Research - Design, Analysis, and Reporting

Paul Sackett, Ph.D. - October 7, 2009
Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota 
Does Socio-Economic Status Explain the Relationship between Admissions Tests and Post-Secondary Academic Performance? 

Frank Schmidt, Ph.D. – October 20, 2009
Professor, Gary C. Fethke Chair in Leadership, University of Iowa
The Methodological and Conceptual Basis for Estimation of Correlations between Constructs: Implications for Construct Validity and Redundancy 
James Corter, Ph.D. – October 28, 2009 
Professor of Educational Psychology, Columbia University, Teachers College 
What exactly do we learn from experience?: Studies of repeated decisions



Jay Breyer, Ph.D. – October 2, 2008
Executive Director, Psychometrics, Prometric, Inc.

Things I Know Now But I Wish I Knew Then:  Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach for Psychometrics Studies

John Verkuilen, Ph.D. – November 12, 2008
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
Factor Analysis for Nominal Data With Log-Multiplicative Analysis Models

Jimmy de la Torre, Ph.D. – December 3, 2008
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Rutgers University

Robert L. Brennan, Ph.D. – December 10, 2008
E. F. Lindquist Chair in Measurement and Testing & Director of CASMA, University of Iowa
Measurement Theory and Its Models


Alina von Davier, Ph.D. - February 8, 2007
Director Research, Educational Testing Service
The Kernel Method of Test Equating: Introduction and Software Demonstration

David Rindskopf, Ph.D. - March 19, 2007
Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology and Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
Meta-analysis Using Multi-level and Bayesian Models- How to summarize a large number of studies with modern statistical methods

Howard Wainer, Ph.D. - April 2, 2007
Distinguished Research Scientist, National Board of Medical Examiners
Motivating students to learn: The most dangerous equation as an example

Masters Theses Presentations – September 2007
--Julie DiPopolo, M.A., The Effects of Collective Self-Esteem on Individual Self-esteem in an Online Sample with Varying Dimensions of Body Modification
--Xinhui Xiong, M.A., M.S., Accuracy of Estimating Item Parameters for the Rasch Model Based on Small Sample Sizes

Samprit Chatterjee, Ph.D. - October 24, 2007
Professor of Health Policy, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
A Noninvasive Procedure for Collecting Sensitive information

Frank Rijmen, Ph.D. - November 12, 2007
Psychometrician, Educational Testing Service
A nonlinear mixed model framework for item response theory

Michael Kolen, Ph.D. - December 5, 2007
Professor and Program Coordinatorof Educational Measurement & Statistics, University of Iowa
Test equating: concepts and research


Keith Markus, Ph.D. - November 2, 2006

Associate Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Cautions on Casual Causal Analysis: The Perspective of Causal Pluralism

Henry Braun, Ph.D. - December 14, 2006
Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy, Boston College
The Black-White Achievement Gap

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