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The following table is an alphabetic listing and primary association of all full-time faculty members in the Psychology Department. Additional information for each faculty member is provided on their individual web pages including courses taught and recent publications.

Faculty Member Title / Affiliation Areas of Interest
Dr. Peggy Andover Assistant Professor
Clinical, Child & Family
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI); Attempted Suicide; NSSI and Suicide Treatment Development
Dr. Rachel Annunziato Assistant Professor
Clinical, Child & Family, Health
Health and Pediatric Psychology
Dr. Joshua Brown Associate Professor
Applied Developmental
Social, emotional and academic development; School-based interventions
Dr. David Budescu Anne Anastasi Professor of Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology Judgement and decision making; Behavioral statistics; Applied psychometrics

Dr. Nancy Busch
Applied Developmental
Dr. David Chabot Associate Professor
Clinical, Child & Family
Dr. Heining Cham Assistant Professor
Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
Propensity Score Analysis
Latent Variable Interaction
Missing Data Analysis
Longitudinal Analysis
Dr. Keith Cruise Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Rose Hill
Assistant Professor
Clinical, Forensic
Forensic Psychology; Juvenile Justice; Assessment; Adolescent Mental Health
Dr. Celia Fisher Marie Ward Doty University Chair, Professor of Psychology and Director Fordham University Center for Ethics Education
Applied Developmental
Ethics; Substance use and abuse; Health disparities; Multiculturalism
Dr. Adam Fried Lecturer and Assistant Director, Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Research and professional ethics; Substance use; Treatment research
Dr. David Glenwick Professor
Clinical, Child & Family
Clinical Child and Geropsychology; Community Psychology; Developmental Disabilities; CBT
Dr. Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro Applied Developmental Program  
Dr. Se-Kang Kim Associate Professor and Program Director, Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology Program  
Dr. Charles Lewis Professor
Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology Program
Dr. Ying Liu Assistant Professor
Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
Measurement theory; Item response models; Structural equation modeling; Applied statistics
Dr. James MacDonall Professor
Undergraduate Studies
Experimental; Behavior analysis; choice; conditional discrimination learning; emergent equivalence classes
Dr. David Marcotte Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Clinical Training
Dr. Mark Mattson Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Fordham College Lincoln Center Psychology of music; Human error; History of Psychology
Dr. Dean McKay Professor
Anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder; Disgust in psychopathoogy; Cognitive-behavior therapy
Dr. Mary Procidano Associate Professor
Perceived social support and appraisal; Cross-cultural assessment; Spirituality; Interpersonal psychotherapy
Dr. Andrew Rasmussen Director, MS Program in Applied Psychological Methods
Associate Professor
 Individual-level trauma and socioecological change in forced migration (NIH/NICHD); Community based participatory research involving low-income immigrant groups (Foundation for Child Development); Culture and psychological distress
Dr. Monica Rivera-Mindt Professor
Clinical, Neuropsychology
Dr. Barry Rosenfeld Professor, Director of Clinical Training and Department Chairperson
Clinical, Forensic
Forensic Psychology; Health Psychology; Torture and Political Violence
Dr. Amy Roy Associate Professor
Clinical, Child and Family, Neuropsychology
Child psychopathology
Dr. Kathleen Schiaffino Associate Professor
Applied Developmental
Dr. Karen Siedlecki Assistant Professor
Applied Developmental
Cognitive Psychology
Dr. Harold Takooshian Professor
Undergraduate Studies
International; Urban; I-O; Student excellence
Dr. Warren Tryon Professor
Behavioral Assessment; Actigraphy; Cognitive Neuroscience; Connectionism
Dr. Fatima A. Varner  Assistant Professor
Applied Developmental
Adolescent development; Black families; Academic achievement
Dr. Frederick Wertz Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Lincoln Center
Phenomenological, Existential, and Humanistic Psychology; Qualitative research methods
Dr. Tiffany Yip Program Director, Applied Developmental
Associate Professor
Ethnic/Racial Identity; Discrimination; Psychological Well-being; Adolescent/Young adult Development
Dr. Molly Zimmerman Associate Professor  

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