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Amy Krain Roy, Ph.D
Vasco Lopes, Psy. D
Randi Bennett
Dave Shaw
Fawad Viqar
Aleta Angelosante, Ph.D
Tim Stahl
Rachel Ivanhoe
Amanda De Laurentiis


Amy Roy, Ph.D. Amy Krain Roy, Ph.D

Amy K. Roy, Ph.D. - Faculty, Fordham University Psychology Department
Justin Arocho Vasco Lopes, Psy.D.

Dr. Lopes is a post-doctoral fellow at PERL. He serves as the diagnostician during study evaluations and leads parent training sessions designed to improve child temper outbursts. He received his doctorate in school psychology from St. John's University in New York in 2011. He completed an APA-approved internship at Andrus Children's Center- Day and Residential Treatment Center, where he received training in treatment of children with emotional disturbances. His dissertation, mentored by Dr. Ray DiGiuseppe, focused on emotional, motivational, and cognitive mechanisms that underlie reactive aggression. Throughout his graduate training, he served as a research coordinator at the Center for Attention Deficit and Behavioral Disorders, where he helped conduct a clinical trial for children and adolescents with ADHD and comorbid disruptive behavior disorders. Dr. Lopes' research interests include mechanisms underlying aggressive behavior, diagnostic features of childhood emotional dysregulation and aggressive behavior, and parent training and child-specific interventions to treat severe outbursts in children.
Justin Arocho Randi Bennett
Randi is in her first year in a clinical psychology doctoral program and a graduate research assistant at PERL where she conducts child evaluations during study visits. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010 with high honors in Psychology. Her senior thesis, entitled "The effect of emotional flexibility on amygdala-prefrontal response to surprised faces" won the Benjamin Benner Award for Excellence in Research. After graduation, she worked in Dr. Kevin Pelphrey's Child Neuroscience Laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center, studying social and emotional development in children with and without autism. She is interested in continuing to study developmental disorders that involve social and/or emotional dysfunction. She wants to use fMRI to explore the core deficits and mechanisms that underlie these symptoms and use this information to establish better-informed intervention strategies for children with social deficits.

  Dave Shaw

David is in his first year in a clinical psychology doctoral program and is a diagnostician for study evaluations at PERL and at our affiliate site at NYU Child Study Center. David received his B.A. in psychology from Clark University in 2002 and was subsequently a research coordinator at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital under Dr. Daniel Geller and Dr. Joseph Biederman on studies examining various psychiatric conditions and their linkage to ADHD. In 2005, David joined NYU School of Medicine, working with Dr. Lenard Adler and Dr. John Rotrosen as the ADHD Program Manager, where he oversaw all program research activities and conducted DSM-IV-based diagnostic evaluations with adults presenting with various mental health conditions. David also collaborated with researchers at NYU Child Study Center and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine on neuroimaging studies of ADHD and substance use disorders. David is interested in examining the underlying neural, cognitive, and behavioral deficits in executive functioning and emotional regulation in anxiety and behavioral disorders.

Justin Arocho Fawad Viqar

Fawad is a graduate research assistant at PERL. He received a BA in cognitive science with emphasis in neuroscience from the University of California at Berkeley.  After graduating, he worked as a public health counselor assisting adults with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. He later received an MS in Neuroscience and Education from Columbia University. While at Columbia, he served research assistantships in the Language and Cognition Lab and the Movement Sciences Lab. After receiving his Masters, he worked as a research coordinator in the department of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. He is currently in his second year in clinical psychology doctoral program at Fordham University. He is interested in clinical neuropsychology and health psychology.
Justin Arocho Aleta Angelosante, Ph.D

Dr. Angelosante serves as the lead diagnostician at our affiliate site at NYU Child Study Center. She is a clinical assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and Clinical Director of the Anita Saltz Institute for Anxiety and Mood Disorders. Dr. Angelosante is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders in children, adolescents, and young adults. Dr. Angelosante also has intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is a member of the NYU Child Study Center DBT program. Dr. Angelosante earned both her MA and PhD in clinical psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia under the mentorship of Dr. Philip C. Kendall. She completed her Psychology Internship at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and completed a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University.
Justin Arocho Tim Stahl

Tim is in his final year at Fordham University and is expecting to earn his BS in Psychology in May 2013 with a minor concentration in Spanish Language and Literature. He has worked as a classroom aide volunteer at the Harry H Gordon School for children with developmental delays. He currently works as a volunteer at New York Presbyterian Hospital at their Westchester campus in their children's unit. During his final year at Fordham, he will be working on an honor's thesis focusing on personality characteristics that are defined as socially desirable in various age groups. He plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology, most likely with a focus in child and adolescent psychology after completing his undergraduate education.
Justin Arocho Rachel Ivanhoe

Rachel is a research assistant at PERL. She graduated from the University ofPennsylvania in 2011 as a pre-medical studies student, earning her BA in Fine Arts. During her undergraduate education at Penn, Rachel worked under Dr. Daniel Meruelo in the Department of Pathology at NYU Langone Medical Center and later joined the Emergency Department at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, assisting with clinical research studies under Dr. Judd Hollander. Rachel has also volunteered as a teacher in Tanzania. She plans to pursue a career in medicine, maintaining her strong interest in neurology and psychiatry.

Justin Arocho Amanda De Laurentiis

Amanda is an undergraduate research assistant at PERL who is currently pursuing a BS in Psychology at Fordham University. She has several years of experience working with children in various settings, including Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland, Bambini Nursery in Rockland County, NY, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is also a certified New York State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Following graduation at Fordham, Amanda plans to pursue a career in medicine, where she can specialize in neurology.


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