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Research Projects

Current Studies

The Fordham Centenarian Study began in 2011 and is currently in progress. The primary goal of this study is to understand the strengths, challenges, and life experiences of the individuals who reach this advanced age. Furthermore, this study aims at highlighting successful aging practices.
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Are you over 100, live in New York, and would like to participate? Or do you want to nominate a New Yorker aged 100 years and older, please click HERE.

The Freshman Experiences Study investigates how students starting at college see their first months in the new environment and how they deal with the difficulties they face. The study measures resources and coping styles in order to predict psychological outcomes associated with the transition to college. The goal of the study is to determine support structure to facilitate this life transition.
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The Successful Aging at the Workplace Study investigates which difficulty older adults with disability experience with the use of computers in the workplace, which accommodations they use and whether these were successful in enhancing the usability of the computer for them.
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Completed Studies

Following up on a parallel study conducted in Heidelberg, the Lay perspectives on Successful Aging Study assessed lay perspectives on aging well. Qualitative interviews with young, middle-aged, and older adults assessed individual perspectives on aging, what constitutes successful aging, and factors associated with it. The goal of this study was to inform academic theories of successful aging about factors that may represent useful complementary components to advance theory development in this crucial area of aging research.
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