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Research Project
“Successful Aging at the Workplace”
Financed by:
NIDRR H133E070026; 2007–2011

Primary Investigators:
Dr. Daniela S. Jopp (Fordham University)
Jon Sanford (College of Architecture, Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Project Partner
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Project Team at Fordham:  
Michelle Paggi (ADP graduate student)
Dr. Daniela S. Jopp
Dr. Daniela S. Jopp
Principal Investigator


How individuals with disabilities manage to age successfully at their workplace has been largely neglected (for an exception, see Krause, 2001; Mitchel, Adkins, & Kemp, 2006). Although workplace accommodations are available to assist employees with disabilities (see Milchus & Bruce, 2009, for an overview), data suggest that these individuals encounter additional challenges due to age-related changes (Sabata, et al., 2006).


The major goal of the project is to explore in more detail how aging affects individuals with disabilities in the working place and to examine how these effects can be modified or compensated for.


A minimum of one hundred employees with disabilities and 100 employees without disabilities aged 55+ years will participate in the main study. Groups will be matched on job type and type of work tasks. In addition, a group of 20 individuals with and without disabilities will be randomly selected to participate in the follow up telephone interviews.


Data collection is currently conducted.

Publications and Materials
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This project is part of the Workplace Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center (RERC), in which the following institutions are involved:

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