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David Chabot, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Dealy 218
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458-9993
(718) 817 - 3788
Office Hours: By appointment

Professor Chabot
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Major Research Interests Top
My primary research interests are in the area of family processes. Specifically, I am interested in how family members interact using their different interpersonal operational styles. In this regard I have developed a test (Chabot Emotional Pursuer-Distance Movement Scale) which I have used to measure marital interactions in normal, clinical and ethnically different populations. I have also developed a second test (Chabot Emotional Differentiation Scale) to measure an individual's level of differentiation from the family unit. This scale has been used to investigate the launching of the young adult from the family. Both tests have been translated into different languages where they have been used to study these processes cross-culturally. My secondary research interest is in personality assessment issues particularly involving the MMPI.

Courses Top
  • PSYC 6137 - Personality Assessment II
  • PSYC 6270 - Introduction to Family Therapy
  • PSYC 1000 - Introduction to Psychology: Life Science

Selected Presentations Top
  • Chabot, D.R. (1998). A Pre-marital Training Program: Teaching Pursuits/Distancing. Workshop presented at American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Meeting. Dallas, Texas.
  • Chabot, D.R. (1998). Emotional Pursuit and Distancing. Invited Seminar, Division 43 American Psychological Association. Annual Meeting. San Francisco, California.
  • Chabot, D. & Fogarty, T. (1997). Emotional Pursuers and Emotional Distancers: Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Considerations. Paper presented at Annual meeting. American Orthopsychiatric Association. Toronto, Canada.
  • Guerin, P.J. & Chabot, D.R. (1997). Development of Family Systems Theory. In P. Wachetel & S. Messer (Eds). Theories of Psychotherapy: Origins and Evolution. Washington DC American Psychological Association.

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