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Mary E. Procidano, Ph.D., ABPP
Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology
Department of Psychology
Dealy Hall Room 226C
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458-9993
Phone: 718-817-0925; Fax: 718-817-3785
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am, Thursdays, 11:30am-12:30pm, and by appointment

Curriculum Vitae
Professor Procidano
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Education Top
  • 1976 BS in Psychology, Fordham University
  • 1981 PhD in Clinical Psychology, Indiana University

Clinical Interests
  • Integrating Interpersonal and Cognitive Therapies
  • Using Interpersonal Psychotherapy as a model for spiritually-based psychotherapy
  • Applications of narrative psychotherapy, especially for elderly

Major Research Interests Top
  • Nature and consequences of interpersonal support and nonsupport
  • Nature and consequences of experiences of spiritual support and nonsupport
  • Domain-specific appraisal of life events and personal goals
  • Cross-cultural assessment

Projects Top
  • Cross-cultural construct validation of measures of Perceived Social Support from Friends and from Family
  • Life-task model of support and nonsupport experience
  • Implementing art therapy in China: Problems and prospects

Courses Top
  • PSYC 6225 - Personality Theories and Research
  • Brief Psychotherapy
  • PSYC 8202 - Externship II
  • Psychotherapy Practicum
  • PSYC 4820 - Community Psychology
  • PSYC 2900 - Abnormal Psychology

Further Professional Expertise/Experience/Tasks  Top
  • Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)
  • Member, American Psychological Association
             Divisions 12 (Clinical Psychology), 8 (Personality and  Social Psychology), 36
             (Psychology of Religion).
  • Member, Association for Psychological Science
  • Member, Stress and Anxiety Research Society

Selected Publications Top
  • Procidano, M. E., & Cieslak, R.  (2010).  Content validity in cross-cultural test construction:  A demonstration with US-Polish data.  in La Psicologia social en Mexico, Vol. XIII (pp. 537-546).  S. R. Aragon, R. D. Loving, I. R. Lagunas, R. S. Aragon, & L. M. C. Martinez, Eds.  Mexico City, MX:  Association Mexicana de Psicologia Social. 
  • Procidano, M. E., Nausheen, B., & Gupta, A.  (2008).  Links between social support and health: Toward a cross-cultural perspective.  In P. Buchwald, Ringeisen, & M. Eysenck (Eds.), Stress and anxiety:  Application to life-span development and health promotion.  Berlin: Logos Verlag.
  • Procidano, M. E.  (2004).  Cross-cultural assessment of social support:  Progress, problems, & prospects.  In H. Sek & R. Cieslak (Eds.), Wsparcie spoleczne – stress – zdrowie [Social support –stress – health].  Warsaw, Poland:  Polish Scientific Publishers PWN. 
  • Procidano, M. E.  (2000).  Students' evaluations of writing assignments in an abnormal psychology course.  In M. E. Ware  & D. E. Johnson (Eds.), Handbook of demonstrations and activities in the teaching of psychology, Vol III., 2nd Edition.  Mahwah, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum. 
  • Procidano, M. E., & Smith, W. W. (1997).  Assessing perceived social support:  The importance of context.  In G. R. Pierce, I. G. Sarason, N. Sarason, & B. Lakey (Eds.), Sourcebook of theory and research on social support and personality (pp. 93-106).  New York:  Plenum.
  • Procidano, M. E., Busch-Rossnagel, N. A., Reznikoff, M., & Geisinger, K. F. (1995).  Responding to graduate students' professional deficiencies:  A nationwide survey.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 51, 426-433.
  • Procidano, M. E.  (1992).  The nature of perceived social support:  Findings of meta-analytic studies.  In C. D. Spielberger & J. N. Butcher (Eds.), Advances in personality assessment, Volume 9 (1-26).  Hillsdale, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum. 
  • Dominguez-Espinosa, A., Salas-Menotti, I., & Procidano, M. E.  (2009).  Comparacion de una medida de apoyo social en dos contextos latinoamericanos:  Mexico y Colombia .  In F. Cintron Bou, E. Acosta Perez, & L. Diaz Melendez, Eds.  Psicologia communitria:  Trabajandro con communidades en las Americas (pp. 211-225).
  • Sakworawich, A., Procidano, M. E., & Dominguez Espinosa, A.  (2010).  Relationship between support availability and reciprocity from friends and family and life satisfaction:  A comparison among Thailand, Mexico, and USA.  In La Psicologia social en Mexico, Vol. XIII (pp. 337-344).  S. R. Aragon, R. D. Loving, I. R. Lagunas, R. S. Aragon, & L. M. C. Martinez, Eds.  Mexico City, MX:  Association Mexicana de Psicologia Social. 

Selected Presentations Top
  • Procidano, M. E.,  & LeRoy, M.  (2007, May).  Perceived spiritual support and nonsupport in adults with life-threatening illness.  Poster presented at the Annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, D.C.
  • Procidano, M. E., Domínguez-Espinosa, A., Salas-Menotti, I, Hernandez-Plaza, S., Pozo-Munoz, C., Alonso-Morillejo, E, & Sakworawich, A.  (2007, July).  Item Characteristics across Hispanic Cultures.  In M. E. Procidano (Chair),  Perceived social support across Hispanic cultures.  Symposium presented at the Congreso Interamericano de Psicologia, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Procidano, M. E., Cieslak, R., Sakworawich, A., Hernandez-Plaza, S., Pozo-Munoz, C., Alonso-Morillejo, E., Domínguez-Espinosa, A., Salas-Menotti, I., Knoll, N., Zinken, K.,   Nausheen, B., & Gupta, A.  (2007, July).  Perceived social support item functioning in nine countries.  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  • Procidano, M. E., Levine, J, & Sakworawich, A.  (2007, July). Effects of acculturation on social-support item functioning in Hispanic-American versus European-American college students in New York City.  In A. Dominguez-Espinosa (Chair), Social support and migration.  Symposium presented at the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology/IV Latin American Regional Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Procidano, M. E., Malone, C., & Siwek, D.  (2007, August).  Interpersonal Support and Nonsuonsupport Predict Subjective Life-Events Appraisal: Qualitative & Quantitative  Analyses.  Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.
  • Asgari, S., Procidano, M. E., & Pickens, I.  (2007, May).  Stress and Support Provision Influence Emotionality and Perceived Support.  Poster presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Society, Washington, D.C.
  • del Castillo, C. C., Dominguez-Espinosa, A.,& Procidano, M. E.  (2009, June).  Estimación de la validez concurrente de una medida de apoyo social.  Paper presented at the XXXII Congreso Interamericano de Psicología / organizado por la Sociedad Interamericana de Psicologí, Guatemala.
  • Fellows, M., & Procidano, M. E.  (2006, May).  Social support and goal strivings predict resilience in adolescents:  Support for the compensatory model.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY.
  • Galette, F., & Procidano, M. E. (2006, July).  Validating a self-report measure of domain-specific appraisals.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society, Rethymnon, Crete.
  • Giardino, J. C., & Procidano, M. E.  (2010, March).  Muscle dysmorphia in college weightlifters:  A cross-cultural phenomenon.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, Baltimore, MD.
  • Muir, J., & Procidano, M.  (2008, August).  Caribbean immigrants’ maternal care and separation,social support, and adjustment.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association,  Boston, MA.

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