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Se-Kang Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director, Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology (PQP)
Department of Psychology
Dealy 226G
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458-9993
(718) 817 - 3792
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Major Research Interests Top
  • My recent research is on Profile Analysis.  Specifically, I am interested in conducting Profile Analysis via Multidimensional Scaling (shortly PAMS).  PAMS is aimed to identify latent profile patterns in a population and then interpret each individual in a population in terms of latent profile patterns.  For the interpretation, PAMS estimates matching statistics between each individual’s observed score profile (that is in fact an array of subtest scores in a given test) and the identified latent profiles.  The matching statistics inform us how much the pattern of the observed score profile is similar to the latent profile patterns.  Each individual is assigned the same number of matching statistics as the number of latent profiles. Assuming two latent profiles identified and the first profile labeled, say, as Verbal Skills and the second one, say, as Quantitative Skills, if a person has a substantial weight on the first latent profile, but a trivial weight on the other latent profile, then the pattern of the person’s profile will be similar to that of the first latent profile and we interpret the person who is strong for Verbal Skills, rather than other skills, such as Quantitative.  However, another person has a substantial weight on the second latent profile, but a trivial weight on the first profile, then the profile pattern of the person will be similar to the second latent profile pattern and we consider that person who is strong for Quantitative Skills over other skills, such as Verbal.  However, if some one has substantial weights on both latent profiles, then we expect that the person like this is strong for both Verbal and Quantitative Skills.  PAMS is originally designed for exploratory analysis, but it can be applied to confirmatory approach (utilizing Structural Equation Modeling) and longitudinal analyses.  In the context of profile analysis, I am also interested in Nishisato’s Dual Scaling and Ramsay’s Functional Data Analysis.  Someone who is interested in the PAMS research may request papers via e-mail: or may download them from my electronic reprints page.

Courses Top
  • PSYC 7802 - Regression Analysis
  • PSYC 7806 - Multidimensional Scaling
  • PSYC 2000 - Statistics
  • PSYC 2010 - Research Methods Laboratory

Selected Publications Top

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