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Research Lab Groups

Most students who pursue study in one of our Ph.D. graduate programs belong to a specific lab group under the direction of a full-time faculty member. Several of these lab groups have opted to create their own Web sites to highlight their group's activities.

For more information about the research activities of all of our faculty and their associated graduate students, visit our index of faculty member's individial profile pages.

Youth Development in Diverse Contexts
Director: Dr. Tiffany Yip
Program: Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology
We examine the influence of various daily life experiences on developmental outcomes for youth and adolescents. We aim to understand the role of identity development, stress, and diverse contextual factors in determining psychosocial and academic trajectories for minority youth... (more)

Pediatric Psychology & Health Behaviors
Director: Dr. Rachel Annunziato 

Program: Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology 
Our research program focuses on behavioral medicine among diverse patients across the lifespan. The overarching goal of this work is to improve health behaviors and quality of life by developing patient-friendly, culturally-sensitive interventions with strong translational capabilities... (more)


Compulsive, Obsessive, and Anxiety Program (C.O.A.P.)
Director: Dr. Dean Mckay 

Program: Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology 
We examine factors related to the onset, maintenance, and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and related conditions, and Anxiety Disorders across the age span... (more)


Mood And Behavior Lab
Director: Dr. Peggy Andover 

Program: Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology
Our research is focused on developing a better understanding of self-injurious behaviors, including non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and attempted suicide, in adults and young adults.... (more)


Pediatric Emotion Regulation Lab (P.E.R.L.)
Director: Dr. Amy Roy 

Program: Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology 
We are primarily interested in studying the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying children’s heightened emotional responses and difficulties with regulating their negative emotions. We are also interested in understanding generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in children and adolescents, and specifically, cognitive aspects such as intolerance of uncertainty and impairments in decision making.... (more)


Adult Development And Aging Lab
Director: Dr. Daniela Jopp
Program: Ph.D. In Applied Developmental Psychology

Our goal is to create a better understanding of the journey that individuals take throughout the lifespan by identifying positive and negative aspects of aging, and finding ways to positively impact the aging process.... (more)


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