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The career options for those students with a background in psychology are expanding and becoming more diverse. Fordham's undergraduate major in psychology will equip students with the knowledge, opportunity and tools to successfully venture into the career world or be a competitive candidate for graduate degree programs. Learn about the exciting career options for psychology majors and how Fordham's program can empower you and provide outstanding opportunities to jumpstart your post-college pursuits.

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Careers in Psychology
The American Psychological Association's (APA) comprehensive guides for undergraduate students interested in learning more about psychology, considering psychology as a major, or looking for a career in psychology:

What is Psychology?

Psychology as a Career

Non-Academic Careers in Psychology

There are lots of possible career tracks that can come out of an undergraduate psychology degree.
A B.S. in psychology is essential for the following:
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • School Psychologist
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Sports or Health Psychologist
It is extremely helpful if you are thinking of going into:
  • Any type of counseling work (pastoral, social work, counseling, career planning, guidance counselor)
  • M.D. with specialization in Psychiatry
  • Special Education
  • Case Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Marketing, advertising, or human resources
It is very helpful if you are thinking of going into:
  • Teaching or education
  • Organizational and management consulting
  • Hotel Management/Hospitality
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Criminal Justice
  • Financial Planning
  • Government

Preparing for your Career after Fordham
The best way to prepare for a career in a psychological field after graduation is to gain practical experience while still in college. Fordham provides its psychology majors with exciting opportunities through course-based practicum experiences and ample research experiences.

Courses with Service Component:

*For course descriptions of the following courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Course Listing

Service learning means working in the community in a variety of settings in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Placements and internships that are connected to psychology can be found through the Dorothy Day Center. Students may receive one credit for integrating their service with an appropriate psychology course.

In addition service learning is integrated into these internship courses:

Community Psychology (PSYC 4820) is a course for Juniors and Seniors that provides opportunities for work in a variety of community settings, including Bronx Psychiatric Center, New York Hospital, and many others.

Clinical Child Psychology (PSYC 4810) is a course for Juniors and Seniors that provides opportunities to work with children and adolescents in a variety of settings, including Bronx Children’s Center, Astor Day Care, and many others.

Organizations within the Psychology Department:

Psi Chi
Psi Chi is the International Honor Society of Psychology and there is a local chapter at Fordham for eligible undergraduate majors to join. This organization hosts a variety of events throughout the year from guest speaker presentations, career development workshops, and a connection to the international Psi Chi network and opportunities beyond Fordham.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club is a student run group intended for psychology majors and those undergraduates who have an interest in psychology-related endeavors. The club provides a student community focused on psychology and host events throughout the year geared for students' engagement in the field of psychology.
Interested Fordham students can contact the following faculty supervisors for more information:
Lincoln Center Campus: Harold Takooshian, Ph.D. (
Rose Hill Campus: Barry Rosenfeld, Ph.D. (

Research Opportunities within the Psychology Department:
The professors in the Psychology Department are involved in various research projects that are diverse in scope and topic area. Professors often seek assistance from interested and committed undergraduate students who wish to gain training and experience in psychological research. Please refer to faculty webpages to learn about ongoing research projects that an undergraduate may potentially get involved in.

Additional Career Resources

Fordham Resources:

Fordham's Career Services

An internship allows you to explore different career options to refine your specific interests, as well as build skills and practical experience that will impress future potential employers and graduate admissions. Find a psychology-related internship through Fordham's many Internship Programs

Databases for Volunteer/Internship/Job Opportunities:

APA Student Internship Index


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