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Course listings

Course Listings

Because of the flexible nature of the Religious Studies program at Fordham University, there are many classes which can fulfill the various requirements of the major or minor. The following is a representative list of courses that have been taught at Fordham.

Religious Scripture

THEO 3715 Classic Islamic Texts

THEO 2020 Intro to Old Testament

THEO 3200 Intro to New Testament

THEO 3207 The First Three Gospels

THEO 3205 The Four Gospels

THEO 3330 Medieval Theology Texts

THEO 2811 Sacred Texts of Middle East

THEO 2021 The Torah

THEO 3310 Early Christian Writings

THEO 3724 Classic Buddhist Texts

THEO 2024 Old Testament II

THEO 3212 The Gospel of John

THEO 3210 The Gospel of Mark

THEO 3700 Scriptures of the World

THEO 3630 Art as Text & Context

THEO 3713 Classic Jewish Texts

THEO 3211 Luke’s Gospels/Acts

THEO 3620 Great Christian Hymns

THEO 3711 Sacred Texts of the Mideast

THEO 3255 The Jesus of History

THEO 3220 Parables of Jesus

THEO 3230 Life and Letters of Paul

THEO 3250 Jesus in History and Faith

THEO 3270 Women in the Bible


Theology or Ethics/Social Teaching

THEO 2715 Medieval Theology Texts

THEO 3985 Catholic Social Teaching

THEO 4005 Feminist Theology

THEO 3720 Hindu Literature and Ethics

THEO 4011 The New Testament & Moral Choices

THEO 4010 Death and Dying

THEO 4025 Christian Marriage 21st Cen

AMCS Ignatian Discernment

THEO 4030 Moral Aspects of Medi.

THEO 2231 Passion and Death of Jesus

COMM 4001 Films of Moral Struggle

PHIL 3557 Confessions of Augustine

THEO 3830 Classic Christian Texts I

THEO 3836 Cappadocian Theology

THEO 3770 Islamic Mysticism

THEO 3816 Christian Mystical Theology

PHIL 3112 Religion and Morality

THEO 3848 Theologies of Liberation

THEO 3562 Eschatology

THEO 3320 Augustine, Aquinas, Luther

THEO 3831 Classic Christian Texts II

THEO 3314 Augustine of Hippo

THEO 3838 Modern Catholic Thought

THEO 3851 Christian Spirituality


History of Religion

HIST 3322 The Reformation Era

THEO 3384 Catholics in America

THEO 3316 Byzantine Christianity

THEO 3000 Classic Christian Texts 1

HIST 3355 History of the Jesuits

THEO 3993 Wartime Religion in US Hist.

THEO 3281 Religion in America

THEO 3839 Theologies in America

THEO 3847 Latino/a Theology


Culture, Society, or Political Order Requirement

ANTH 2619 Magic, Science and Religion

THEO 4006 Feminism and Relationality

ANTH 2500 Taboo: Anthro of Forbidden

ENGL 4129 4 Modern Catholic Writers

THEO 3991 Catholics in America

AFAM 3115 ML King & Malcolm X

ANTH 2888 Gender and Islam

HIST 3925 The Holocaust

THEO 4025 Christian Marriage in the 21st Century

POSC 2410 Islamic Political Thought

THEO 4001 Art and Christian Values

SOCI 2505 Religion and Social Change

ARHI 2236 Encounters: Islam & the West

AMCS 3360 Catholicism and Democracy

AMCS 3451 Niebuhr in America

ANTH 3110 Ancient Cult of the Bible

COLI 3211 Evil in Literature

PJST 3230 Biblical Women of Peace

POSC 4220 Religion and the Law

THEO 3281 Religion in America

THEO 4008 Religion and Ecology

THEO 3849 Eschatology

THEO 3780 Jesus and World Religions

THEO 3664 Religion and Film

THEO 3662 Religion and Literature

THEO 3660 Religion and Politics

THEO 3657 Multicultural Church

THEO 3610 Christ in World Cultures

THEO 3600 Religion and Public Life

THEO 3542 Catholic Social Teaching

THEO 3460 Music in Christian Worship

THEO 3390 Church in Controversy

ARHI 2232 Islamic Cities

ARHI 3455 Michelangelo

ENGL 3207 Milton

THEO 3710 Religion and Literature

THEO 3995 Religion and the American Self

ARHI 2230 Islamic Art

ARHI 3355 Gothic Cathedral History

SOCI 3110 Global Conflict: Wars/Religion

THEO 3835 Martyrs, Monks, Madmen

THEO 3670 Theology in Contemporary Science

THEO 3941 Contemplation and Action

THEO 3280 Bible and Human Sexuality


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