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Major in Religious Studies
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Rose Hill
Majors in Religious Studies at Fordham take a number of classes in both Theology or Religious Studies as well as related fields. For this reason, the program is both flexible and can be tailored to fit your interests.  Students are required to meet with their advisor frequently, in order to make sure that they are both completing the required coursework and getting the most out of the numerous courses which Fordham has to offer.  

Because the Religious Studies major emphasizes both interdisciplinary research and engagement with other religious traditions, students must take at least one non-core course which focuses on a religion other than Christianity.  Additionally, students may double-count two approved religious studies courses towards both a religious studies major and a second major -- provided that at least eighteen different courses are taken to complete both majors.

Required Courses
The major consists of 10 courses:
The first-year theology core course: RSRU 1000-Faith and Critical Reason
A second-year theology core course on a religious scripture or scriptures
A course in theology or ethics/social teachings
A course in the history of a religion
A course on religion in culture, society, or the political order
A core values seminar related to religious studies
7-10. Any four electives from the religious studies program offerings
Note: Among courses 2-10, at least one must have as a major focus a religion or religions other than Christianity. Students may double-count two approved religious studies courses toward the religious studies major and toward a second major, as long as at least 18 different courses are taken to complete both majors.

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