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Asssociate Chair at Rose Hill

Welcome from the Associate Chair at Rose Hill

Welcome. I am pleased to be serving in the capacity as Associate Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Fordham University.

Please come see me if you have any questions about studying, majoring or minoring in sociology. Sociology is a fun and exciting area of study! Why? Because it provides insight into human life and society. Did you know that sociologists work in a variety of settings – in government agencies, in businesses and in nonprofits? Sociology provides a way to better understand the world around you; it is both a theoretical discipline and one that can provide you with data analysis skills—increasingly important in today’s world.

On our website you can find out more information about majoring in sociology, and other aspects of the study of sociology.

See you around Dealy Hall,
Allan Gilbert

Professor o Anthropology
Associate Chair at Rose Hill
Dealy Hall 401
Bronx, NY 10458-9993
tel: (718) 817-3854
fax: (718) 817-3846

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