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Department Administration
Allan S. Gilbert Chair
Greta A. Gilbertson Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Rose Hill
Matthew Weinshenker Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Jeanne Flavin Associate Chair at Lincoln Center

Department Faculty
Orit Avishai Sociology: Religion, gender, secularism, qualitative methods, family, the body
O. Hugo Benavides Anthropology: Social theory, historical production, sexuality and identity, Latino politics, Latin America
Evelyn Bush Sociology: Religion, globalization, social movements/political sociology, culture and institutions
Rosemary Cooney Sociology: Social demography, immigrant adaptation
Daisy Deomampo Anthropology: Medical anthropology, science and technology studies, critical race and gender studies, reproduction, globalization and global health, bioethics, South Asia
Ayala Fader Anthropology: Jewish ethnography, religion, language and culture, gender, childhood, urban anthropology
Jeanne Flavin Sociology: Feminist criminology, reproductive justice, race, gender, and the criminal justice system
Christine Fountain Sociology: Health and illness, economic sociology, and social network analysis
Heather D. Gautney Sociology: Globalization, social movements, political sociology
Allan S. Gilbert Anthropology: Archaeology, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, Near East, historic northeastern U.S.
Greta A. Gilbertson Sociology: Immigration, citizenship, gender
E. Doyle McCarthy Sociology: Sociology of knowledge and culture, social psychology, emotion studies
Micki McGee Sociology: Sociological theory; sociology of art, culture, consumption, media, and mental health
Chris Rhomberg Sociology: Urban sociology, political sociology, race and ethnicity, labor relations
Clara E. Rodriguez Sociology: Race/ethnicity, media, Latinos/as sociology
Orlando Rodriguez Sociology: Mental health of minority and migrant populations; program evaluation, criminal justice processes
Emily V. Rosenbaum Sociology: Urban demography, inequality, immigration, housing policy, family/household demography
Aseel Sawalha Anthropology: Urban anthropology, arts, gender, critical social theory, war and violence, globalization
Mattias Smångs Sociology: Social network analysis, sociology of crime, violence, and delinquency, economic and organizational sociology
Matthew N. Weinshenker Sociology: Fatherhood, family, work-family issues, gender, masculinity, life course, children and youth, quantitative methodology

Emeritus Faculty
Bernadette Bucher Anthropology: Anthropological theory, medical anthropology, European studies
Stewart E. Guthrie Anthropology: Theory of religion, anthromomorphism, animism, perception and cognition, Japan
James R. Kelly Sociology: Sociological theory, ecumenism, abortion controversy
John J. Macisco,Jr.   Sociology: Migration, labor migration, research design
Mary G. Powers Sociology: Social demography, population, migration, social inequality
Lloyd H. Rogler Sociology: Urban sociology, social change, medical sociology, poverty and human migration 
Eva Sandis Sociology: International migration, transnational families and families
Peter T. Schneider Sociology: Culture and political economy, historical demography, organized crime, social

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