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Playwriting Major Interviews

The Veronica Lally Kehoe Studio Theatre, a state-of-the-art venue.

The White Box Studio Theatre

Fordham playwriting alumni Colin McKenna and Peter Gil-Sheridan were 2 out of 3 playwrights chosen for the Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project

Playwriting Major Interviews


Interviews must be scheduled no later than December 15.

Interview Dates

January 24, 2015 New York, NY
January 25, 2015 New York, NY
January 31, 2015 New York, NY

Please use our Playwriting Major interviews calendar in order to schedule your interview.

Please note that Playwriting Major interviews will be held ONLY in New York City during the dates indicated in the interview calendar. Also note that the Playwriting Major is not available to transfer students.

Your interview will be with Daniel Alexander Jones, Head of the Playwriting Faculty.

Requirements and Guidelines

Your Playwriting Major interview will include a discussion of your writing sample. At least three weeks prior to your interview date, please e-mail your writing sample to Prof. Daniel Alexander Jones at

Submit your best writing for your writing sample, and feel free to send several pieces to represent your artistic voice. We accept plays, short stories, and poetry for the writing sample.

Please include the following information with your writing sample:
  • ● your name
  • ● your address
  • ● your phone number
  • ● your e-mail address
New York City interview days begin at 10:00 AM; interviews are scheduled every few minutes throughout the day. After you schedule your interview online you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your interview time.

Please be early for your interview. We will make every attempt to stay on schedule, but please be prepared to stay later than your scheduled time should we run late. You should plan to stay for 30-45 minutes for your interview.

At the interview, you will also have the opportunity to talk with our Theatre Ambassadors about the program while you wait for your appointment time. The Ambassadors also give tours of the school and the dorms throughout the day.

New York City interviews offer the option to attend a Fordham Theatre Q&A session. The Q&A session will begin each day at 1:00 PM and is approximately 45 minutes long. This is a time when the Theatre faculty will talk with parents and prospective students about the Theatre program. A representative from the Office of Undergraduate Admission will also be present to answer any questions you have regarding admission, housing, and financial aid.

If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled interview days, you may be able to schedule an individual interview on another date. Please contact us at to discuss this possibility. We do not permit telephone interviews for the Playwriting Major.

If you have any further questions about the Playwriting interview or writing sample, please contact Daniel Alexander Jones at

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