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Playwriting Major Interviews

Playwright Kirsten Childs and playwright / director Tina Landau talk with students in a Fordham playwriting class.

The Veronica Lally Kehoe Studio Theatre, a state-of-the-art venue.

The White Box Studio Theatre

Fordham playwriting alumni Colin McKenna and Peter Gil-Sheridan were 2 out of 3 playwrights chosen for the Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project


2013-2014 Fordham Theatre Program's NYC Audition/Interview Schedule

Fordham Lincoln Center
113 West 60th St. (at Columbus Ave.), 12th Fl. Lounge

Saturday, January 25, 2014 (Closed)

Sunday, January 26, 2014 (Closed)

Saturday, February 1, 2014 (Closed)

Playwriting interviews are only held during the dates indicated in NYC, at the Lincoln Center campus - not at regional locations.

Auditions and interviews must be scheduled no later than December 14, 2013.

 Theatre applicants must submit academic applications to Fordham University no later than November 8th. Please check off "Early Action" on the Common Application, but be aware that decisions will not be released until March.

All interviews are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. If all interviews days are filled by the time you call or email to schedule, you may be able to schedule an individual interview on another date with one of the Playwriting Faculty (please see below for more information), but your interview must be scheduled by December 14, 2013.

Interview Deadlines:

Incoming freshmen: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2014.

Transfer students: Because the playwriting track accepts only one or two new students each year, we do not accept transfer students. A student must enter the playwriting program as a freshman.

There are no phone interviews due to the small size of the Playwriting Track, an interview in person is required.

Scheduling Form
To schedule your interview, please click here.

What to Expect on the Interview Day:

The interviews are held at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus (113 W. 60th Street, NYC). Each day begins at 10:00 am. You will be emailed a confirmation of your interview time (Interviews will last approximately 15-20 minutes). Please be early for your interview. We will make every attempt to stay on schedule, but please be prepared to stay if we run late. You can expect to stay between a half-hour and three hours depending on if you participate in the Q & A session and/or take a tour of the campus and dorm.

The Q&A session each day will begin at 1:00 pm (and last until approximately 1:45 pm). This is a time when the theatre faculty will talk with parents and prospective students about the theatre program.

Prospective students will also have an opportunity to talk with our Theatre Ambassadors about the program while you wait for your appointment time. The Ambassadors will also periodically be giving tours of the school and the dorms throughout the day. Ms. Sarah Dougan from the Office of Undergraduate Admission will be present as well to answer any questions you have regarding admission, housing, and financial aid.

At the interview you will be meeting with:
Daniel Alexander Jones, Head of the Playwriting Track

Writing Samples
You must submit a writing sample (your best writing: a play, a short story, poetry -- you can send several pieces if you would like) to Daniel Alexander Jones at least three weeks prior to your interview date.

Please email your writing sample to:
Professor Daniel Alexander Jones at

Please include the following information with your writing sample: Your Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail address.

Please email Daniel Alexander Jones with anyfurther questions about the Playwriting interview or writing sample.

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