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Videotaped, Regional & Individual Auditions


Video Auditions

Video Auditions are permitted only for students applying to the Performance Track.

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend one of the live auditions if possible. However, in the case that this is not possible, we do allow uploaded submissions. Please carefully follow the instructions below to ensure that your audition receives a proper review!

Please note that we only accept uploads to Fordham’s portfolio/audition site. We do not accept DVD or VHS submissions.

To submit audition materials:

1. You must submit an application for admission to Fordham University BEFORE you submit interview or audition materials. You will not have access to our portfolio hub before submitting your admission application. You may find details on application deadlines and applying to Fordham on the Undergraduate Admission page.

2. You must upload all interview or audition materials via the Online Applicant Portal. You will receive credentials to log in to the Online Applicant Portal only after the Office of Admission has acknowledged receipt of your admission application via email.

3. Once you log in to the Online Applicant Portal, find the section on Portfolio and click on the link Edit portfolio.

4. After uploading your materials, you will see a link prompting you to Edit Details on each piece. We encourage you to enter the title of your work and mark your representative work as such.

Your audition should contain footage of your two audition monologues. For monologue requirements, see the Performance Major Auditions page. Please do not send excerpts from productions: your audition footage should as closely as possible mimic the setting of a live audition.

Please also upload a completed audition form. This form can be downloaded here. We will not view your submission without a completed audition form.

Video must be uploaded by:
Incoming freshmen and Transfer Students: Monday, January 26, 2015

Individually Scheduled Auditions
Due to the large number of students auditioning for the Theatre Program, we are unable to accommodate requests for individual audition appointments on days other than the audition days listed.

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