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Studying Abroad
A number of Fordham theatre majors choose to spend a term abroad. Recently, students have studied with:

Fordham’s London Dramatic Academy
An intense, 14-week program in British classical theatre. Students take master classes in acting, theatre history, movement, and stage combat, and see work by the National Theatre Company and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Information and application:

Fordham’s Russian Theatre Workshop
The Fordham Theatre Program, in conjunction with the Moscow Art Theatre, offers a three-week, winter-break intensive workshop in which students study acting, stage and costume design, directing, movement, and Russian theatre history with the master faculty of the Moscow Art Theatre School. Students attend performances of Russian theatre, dance, and opera, and visit historical landmarks.

Performing in Italian
This summer course in Rome affords students the opportunity to advance their fluency in Italian by learning to act in Italian plays. Joseph Perricone of Fordham’s Department of Modern Languages teaches the language component of the course, and Matthew Maguire, director of the Fordham Theatre Program, teaches the acting component. Students take trips to Roman landmarks and attend performances of Roman theatre and opera.

Students have also studied abroad with other programs in England, Italy, Russia, France, Australia, and Indonesia, among others.

Marjuan Canady, a double major in theatre performance and African American studies, performed abroad in a production of Junkanoo: Endangered Species at the Nacional Teatre de Senegal in Dakar, the African country’s capital city, during her junior year.

Erich Bussing, a design and production theatre major, spent a summer in the small, medieval town of Groznjan, Croatia, as a stage manager/technician at Jeunesses Musicales for a three-week workshop.

Relationship with NYC theatres

The Fordham Theatre Program has forged relationships with New York City theatres to provide students with opportunities to work with professional playwrights, directors, and designers. In turn, these theatres recognize Fordham as a great venue for initial productions of new plays.

The Public Theater
The Fordham University Theatre Company co-produced with The Public Theater the play Twenty One Positions: A Cartographic Dream of the Middle East (top right). Obie Award-winning director Lisa Peterson directed the production for a limited engagement at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. The playwrights who collaborated on the piece—Abdelfattah Abusrour, Naomi Wallace, and Lisa Schlesinger—traveled from Palestine, England, and Chicago to be in residence at Fordham.
The production of Twenty One Positions was accompanied by a public symposium held in conjunction with the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture titled “The Wall on Stage: What Divides Israelis and Palestinians?” that drew a distinguished panel of speakers representing all sides of this complex issue.

Primary Stages
The Fordham University Theatre Company presented Cusi Cram’s play The Wild Inside, directed by Jackson Gay, in association with the Off-Broadway theatre Primary Stages (center right).

Ensemble Studio Theatre
The Fordham University Theatre Company presented Saviana Stanescu’s play For a Barbarian Woman, directed by Niegel Smith, in association with the Off-Broadway theatre Ensemble Studio Theatre (bottom right).


Pictured on this page: Fordham students during study abroad in Italy (Rome and Orvieto) and Moscow.

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