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Joshua Schapiro

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. - Harvard University
M.T.S. - Harvard Divinity School
B.A. - Columbia University

Research Interests
Tibetan Buddhism, Asian self-cultivation practices, religious rhetoric, and the interface of religious technologies of self-development and contemporary self-help.

Dr. Joshua Schapiro's dissertation explores the persuasive and work-like aspects of Tibetan Buddhist advice compositions.  It likewise theorizes how advice-writing has functioned as a mode of ethical self-construction for Tibetan teachers.

In addition to deepening this study, Dr. Schapiro is currently working on a project about the ways in which scholars in Religious Studies privilege suffering in their treatment of such categories as lived religion, mystical experience, and "the real."  

Dr. Schapiro is also researching the relationship between contemporary self-help writing practices and the proliferation of instructions (in English) on Buddhist forms of self-development.

Patrul Rinpoche on Self-Cultivation: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth-Century Tibetan Buddhist Life-Advice. PhD Dissertation, Harvard University, 2012.

Nothing to Teach: Patrul’s Peculiar Preaching on Water, Boats, and Bodies,” Revue d’Études Tibétaines 22 (2011): 243-277.
Is Archeology Historical? Problems and Prospects for a Foucaultian Project in the Study of Religion,” Cult/ure 1 (2006): 67-83.
Co-editor: Revisiting Tibetan Religion and Philosophy: Proceedings of the Second International Seminar of Young Tibetologists in Paris, Vol. 2., Amnye Machen Institute, Forthcoming.
Introductory entries for: “The Dhammapada,” “The Heart Sutra,” “The Lotus Sutra,” “Perfection of Wisdom as the Middle Way,” “The Practice of Meditation,” “The Tibetan Book of the Dead,” and “Letter to Lord Nakamura (Zen),” in Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest, Phyllis Zagano (ed.), Paulist Press. Forthcoming.


THEO 3720-R01: Hindu Literature and Ethics, MR 2:30-3:45
THEO 3724-R01: Classic Buddhist Texts, MR 10:00-11:15
THEO 3724-R02: Classic Buddhist Texts, MR 11:30-12:45

FALL 2013

THEO 3724-C01: Classic Buddhist Text, W 6:00-8:45
THEO 3724-L01: Classic Buddhist Texts, MR 4:00-5:15
THEO 3731-L01: Japanese Religions: Texts & Arts, MR 10:00-11:15

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