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Robert G. Davis
Assistant Professor
Duane Library 112
(718) 817-3242

Ph.D. - Harvard University
M. Div. - Harvard University
B.A. - Rhodes College

Research Interests
Medieval Christian Mysticism and Spirituality, Medieval Scholastic Theology, Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation, Gender and Sexuality

Professor Davis's primary area of research is medieval Latin Christian thought and practice from the 12th through the 14th centuries. His focus is Christian mystical theology (especially as influenced by the Latin translations of the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius) and spiritual practices of intellectual and affective transformation in late medieval Europe. His first project, The Force of Union: Affect and Ascent in the Theology of Bonaventure, examines the complex embodiment of human affect and the role it plays in Bonaventure's account of ecstatic union with God and the life and death of St. Francis of Assisi.

In historical perspective, and through constructive engagement with contemporary psychoanalytic, literary, and feminist theory, Professor Davis is interested in representations of space and the body in philosophical and theological discourses of "interiority." His current research explores techniques of attending to and interpreting affective changes in late medieval Christian devotion, with particular attention to the Pseudo-Bonaventurean devotional literature that circulated in Franciscan, Carthusian, and women's religious communities in the late 13th and 14th centuries.



THEO 3330-R01: Medieval Theology Texts (Sacred Texts and Traditions), MR 4:00-5:15
THEO 3833-R01: Christian Thought & Practice II, MR 11:30-12:45

FALL 2013

THEO 3330-R01: Medieval Theology Texts, TF 1:00-2:15
THEO 3330-R02: Medieval Theology Texts, TF 11:30-12:45
THEO 3340-R01: Christian Mystical Texts, TF 2:30-03:45

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