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Note: Following each course are codes for where the course has been taught. R stands for Fordham College at Rose Hill, L for Fordham College at Lincoln Center, ER for Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Rose Hill, EL for Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Lincoln Center and EW for Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Westchester.

THEO 1000-Faith & Critical Reasoning (R, L, ER, EL, EW)
THEO 1006-Sin and Salvation in Medieval Theology (R)
THEO 1999-Tutorial

THEO 2999-Tutorial

THEO 3100-Intro To Old Testament (R,L, EL)
THEO 3105 The Torah (L, EL)
THEO 3120-The Prophets (R, L)
THEO 3200-Intro To New Testament (R, L, El, Er, Ew)
THEO 3205-The Four Gospels (R)
THEO 3212-The Gospel Of John (R)
THEO 3220-The Parables Of Jesus (R)
THEO 3230-Life And Letters Of Paul (R,L)
THEO 3250-Jesus In History And Faith (L, ER)
THEO 3255-The Jesus Of History (R)
THEO 3301-Christian Texts in Context (EL)
THEO 3310-Early Christian Writings (R, L, ER)
THEO 3314-St. Augustine Of Hippo (R)
THEO 3316-Byzantine Chistianity (R, L)
THEO 3320-Augustine, Aquinas & Luther (R)
THEO 3330-Medieval Theology Texts (R, L, EL)
THEO 3340-Christian Mystical Texts (R)
THEO 3360-Reformation Texts (R)
THEO 3361-Protestant Texts (R)
THEO 3375-American Religious Texts (r, L)
THEO 3390-Church In Controversy (L)
THEO 3542-Catholic Social Teaching (R, L)
THEO 3546-The Bible and Social Justice (R)
THEO 3610-Christ in World Cultures (R)
THEO 3620-Great Christian Hymns (R, L)
THEO 3700-Scriptures Of The World (R)
THEO 3711-Sacred Texts Of Mideast (R. L)
THEO 3713-Classic Jewish Texts (R)
THEO 3715-Classic Islamic Texts (R,L)
THEO 3720-Hindu Lit & Ethics (R, L)
THEO 3724-Classic Buddhist Texts (R,L)
THEO 3730-Sacred Books Of The East (R, L)
THEO 3731-Japanese Religions: Text & Arts (R)
THEO 3800-Internship
THEO 3816-Christian Mystical Theology (R,L)
THEO 3822-The Bible in Western Culture (R)
THEO 3826-Women in the Bible (L)
THEO 3827- The Bible and Human Sexuality (L)
THEO 3832-Christian Thought and Practice I (R, L)
THEO 3833-Christian Thought and Practice II (R, L)
THEO 3834-Christian Thought and Practice III (R, L)
THEO 3835-Martyrs, Monks, Madmen (L)
THEO 3836-Cappadocian Theology (R)
THEO 3847-Latino/A Theology (R)
THEO 3848-Theologies Of Liberation (R)
THEO 3849-Eschatology (R)
Theo 3850-20th Century Theologians (R)
THEO 3855-Environmental Ethics (L)
THEO 3856-Introduction to Bioethics (R)
THEO 3857-Theologies of Sexuality and Gender (L)
THEO 3858-Gender and Asceticism (L)
THEO 3860-Contemporary Conversations in Theology (L, R)
THEO 3861-Works of Mercy, Work for Justice (R, L)
THEO 3863-Vocation of the Healthcare Provider (R)
THEO 3865-Ethics of Relationships (L)
THEO 3870-Religion as Human Experience (R,L)
THEO 3871-Religion and Film (R, L)
THEO 3874-Religion in America (EL)
THEO 3876-Muslims in America
THEO 3877-Religion & The Amer Self (L)
THEO 3878-Religion and American Politics (R)
THEO 3880-Practical Theology (R)
THEO 3885-Spiritual Exercises Religion and Cult (R)
THEO 3952-Ethics of Modern Selfhood (R)
THEO 3960-Religion & Race in America (R)
THEO 3981-Catholic Studies Seminar I (R)
THEO 3982-Catholic Studies Seminar II (R)
THEO 3993-Wartime Religion In Us Hist (L)
THEO 3997-Catholic Studies Seminar (R)
THEO 3999-Service Learning - 3000 Level

THEO 4005-Women And Theology (R, L)
THEO 4008-Religion And Ecology (L)
THEO 4011-The Nt & Moral Choices (L)
THEO 4015-Values And Sexuality (R,L)
THEO 4020-A Faith That Imagines Justice (L)
THEO 4025-Marriage In 21st Century (R)
THEO 4030-Moral Aspects Of Medicine (R, EW)
THEO 4035-Prof Responsibilities (R)
THEO 3455-Eucharist, Justice, Life (R)
THEO 4520-Animals, Angels, and Aliens (R)
THEO 4570-Orthodox Christian Ethics (R)
Theo 4850-Theology & Suffering (L)
THEO 4600-Religion and Public Life (L)
THEO 4848 Human Nature after Darwin (L)
THEO 4849-God and Evils (R)
THEO 4999-Tutorial

Course Descriptions can be found in the Theology Section under "Programs of Study" in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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