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Theology in the Core
Duane Library First Core Course: Faith and Critical Reason (THEO 1000)
An introduction to fundamental theological issues including the dialectic between religion and modernity that has shaped our cultural heritage, and some of the ways that various cultures and individuals have confronted the pressing questions of meaning in human life. When apposite, comparisons with religious traditions other than Christianity are made.

Second Core Course: Sacred Texts and Traditions (THEO 3000-3799)
The second theology course, selected from a group of offerings called Sacred Texts and Traditions, builds on the foundation of critical reasoning about traditions in the first Theology course through analytical study of one religious textual tradition. The sections of this course will offer students a variety of texts from which to choose. All sections will draw on the disciplines of history, literary analysis and theology, interpreting religious traditions and texts as both historically embedded and always evolving responses to the experience of the transcendent in human life.

Upper-Level Core Courses
The Theology Department also contributes courses that fulfill upper-level core requirements, which are usually taken in the junior and senior years.

Some theology electives and Sacred Texts and Traditions courses are designated Eloquentia Perfecta 3 (EP 3), which means that in these courses at least 20% of the class time is dedicated to developing “excellence in the expressive skills of writing and speaking with logical clarity.”

Theology faculty team up with faculty in the fields of literature, history and the social sciences to offer Interdisciplinary Capstone Core (ICC) courses that challenge students to integrate the knowledge gained from their core and major courses across the traditional academic disciplines.

The Theology Department contributes a number of Eloquentia Perfecta 4 (EP 4)/Senior Values Seminars, which focus on moral and ethical questions from the perspective of a particular discipline.

The following upper-level core courses are being offered in 2012-2013:

Reformation Texts (STT & EP 3)
Church in Controversy (STT & EP 3)
Women in the Bible (EP 3)
The Bible in Western Culture (EP 3)
Ethics of Relationships (EP 3)
Wartime Religion in U.S. History (EP 3)
Vocation of the Healthcare Provider (EP 3 & ICC)
Ethics of Modern Selfhood (ICC)
Religion and American Politics (ICC)
Human Nature after Darwin (ICC)
Art and Christian Values (EP 4)
Moral Aspects of Medicine (EP 4)
Death and Dying (EP 4)
Orthodox Christian Ethics (EP 4)
Eucharist, Justice, Life (EP 4)
Religion and Public Life (EP 4)

In addition, a number of Sacred Texts and Traditions courses and some theology electives are Integrated Service Learning classes, which means that every student in the class participates in community service as part of their course work, and reflection on service is integrated into class discussions.

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