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Biblical Studies attends to the cultural contexts in which the Bible was written and received, as well as questions of literary criticism and theological implications.

Mary Callaway, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Columbia University

Biblical Studies, Old Testament

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Professor Callaway

Benjamin Dunning, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University

New Testament and Early Christianity, Christianity in Late Antiquity, Early Christian Scriptural Hermeneutics,
Critical Theory and the Study of Religion

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Professor Dunning

Karina Hogan, Associate Professor
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Lincoln Center Campus
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Biblical Theology, Hebrew Bible Theology

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Professor Hogan

Harry P. Nasuti, Professor
Ph.D., Yale University

Biblical Studies, Old Testament

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Professor Nasuti

Michael Peppard, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Yale University

Biblical Theology, New Testament

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Professor Peppard

Larry L. Welborn, Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Biblical Studies, Pauline Epistles, Apostolic Fathers

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Professor Welborn

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