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Bradford E. Hinze

, Karl Rahner Chair in Theology
Duane Library 158
(718) 817-3364

Ph.D. - University of Chicago

M.A. - Theology, Catholic University of America
B.A. - The College of St. Thomas

Research Interests

Ecclesiology, Pneumatology, Theological Hermeneutics and Critical Theory, Practical, Contextual, and Global Issues in Ecclesiology and Theological Pedagogy

Brad Hinze was initially influenced by the theologies of Thomas Aquinas, Bernard Lonergan, Edward Schillebeeckx, and Langdon Gilkey. He studied hermeneutics with David Tracy and Paul Ricoeur and wrote his dissertation on the theologies of 19th century theologians Johann Sebastian Drey and Friedrich Schleiermacher under the direction of Brian Gerrish, and was published as Narrating History, Developing Doctrine in an AAR series published by Scholars Press in 1993, and is now available through Oxford University Press. Since then he has published essays on theological hermeneutics, pneumatology, the sinfulness of the church, and ethnic and racial diversity in the church.

His 2006 book, Practices of Dialogue in the Roman Catholic Church: Aims and Obstacles, Lessons and Laments (Continuum) investigates the implementation of synodal and conciliar practices in the Catholic Church between 1965 and 2005 and reflects on the practical and theological implications of these developments.

His current project offers a constructive and practical approach to ecclesiology in light of the complex and contested reception of Vatican II, its implementation in the Archdiocese of New York, the influence of community organizing on the local church in the Bronx, and the role of lamentations and prophetic obedience in a dialogical church.

For six years he served as president of the International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology and is currently president of the College Theology Society.

Recent Publications
“Ecclesial Impasse: What Can We Learn from Our Laments?” Theological Studies 72 (2011) 470-495.

“A Decade of Disciplining Theologians,” When the Magisterium Intervenes…The Magisterium and Theologians in Today’s Church, ed. Richard R. Gaillardetz. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2012.

“Roman Catholic Theology: Tübingen,” (Johann Sebastian Drey, Johann Adam Möhler, Franz Anton Staudenmaier, and Johann Baptist Hirscher), The Blackwell Companion to 19th Century Theology. Ed. David Fergusson. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2010. Pp. 187-213.

“Are Councils and Synods Decision Making? A Roman Catholic Conundrum in Ecumenical Perspective,” Receiving “The Nature and Mission of the Church”: Reality and Ecumenical Horizons for the Twenty-First Century. Ecclesiological Investigation Series, Vol. 1. Series Editor: Gerard Mannion. Volume editors. Paul M. Collins and Michael A. Fahey. New York: T & T Clark/Continuum, 2008. Pp. 69-84.


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