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Mary C. Callaway

Associate Professor

Duane Library 104

(718) 817-3255


M.A., Ph.D. - Columbia University
B.A. - St. John's/Annapolis

Research Interests

Biblical Studies, Old Testament

Recent Publications
"Canonical Criticism," in To Each its Own Meaning, ed. Stephen Haynes and Steven McKenzie (Westminster/John Knox, 1993).

"A Hammer that Breaks Rock in Pieces: Prophetic Critique in Ancient Israel," Studies in Anti-Semitism and Early Christianity: Polemic and Faith, eds. Craig A. Evans and Donald A. Hagner (Augsburg Fortress, 1993).

Sing, O Barren One: A Study in Comparative Midrash (Scholars Press, 1986).

FALL 2014

THEO 3100-R01, R02: Intro to Old Testament
HPRH 1001-R02: Ancient Lit

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