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Maureen H. O'Connell

Associate Professor
Lincoln Center
113 W. 60th Street - Rm 916E
(212) 636-7674

Ph.D. - Boston College
B.A. - Saint Joseph’s University

Research Interests
Virtue ethics, political theology, aesthetics, race and privilege, social justice pedagogy, and urban poverty.

Dr. O’Connell is a theological ethicist interested in the intersection of political theology and Christian ethics as they pertain to the pressing question of how we ought to live in the midst of a variety of social justice crises, most notably urban poverty and a culture of racism. Her most recent book, If These Walls Could Talk: Community Muralism and the Beauty of Justice (The Liturgical Press, 2012) explores connections between theological aesthetics and ethics, particularly in the context of community murals in the City of Philadelphia.  Listen to the America Magazine podcast about the project or read her article about this project that appeared in Commonweal Magazine. Making urban communities a focal point of her theological reflection has also prompted Dr. O’Connell’s interests in critical race theory and anti-racist work. She recently commented on Catholic Social Teaching racism in the National Catholic Reporter.

In Compassion: Loving Our Neighbor in an Age of Globalization (Orbis Books, 2009), she examines the social disasters of Hurricane Katrina and global poverty in order to argue for a revival of the virtue of compassion rooted in the political theology of Johann Baptist Metz and political philosophy of Martha Nussbaum. She recently edited with Laurie Cassidy the 2010 annual volume of the College Theology Society, Religion, Economics and Culture in Conflict and Conversation (Orbis Books, 2010) and is working with Cassidy on a volume of essays in contemporary feminist theological aesthetics titled, She Who Imagines due out with Liturgical Press in November 2012.

A Philadelphian by birth and at heart, Dr. O’Connell holds a BA in History from Saint Joseph’s University and a PhD in Theological Ethics from Boston College. She is Vice President of the College Theology Society and serves on the board of the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies. She has accompanied students on alternative Spring Break experiences in western PA and Washington DC through Fordham's Global Outreach program.
 More recently, she has worked with JUNTOS, a dance collective of students from a variety of schools on the East and West coasts who engage in dance-based service projects in the New York City and San Francisco metro areas as well as in five countries in Latin America. She reflected on these experiences in Conversations magazine. She serves as the Faculty in Residence at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus and blogs for America magazine.

If These Walls Could Talk: Community Muralism and the Beauty of Justice.  Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2012.

Religion, Economics and Culture in Conflict and Conversation, co-edited with Laurie M. Cassidy for the College Theology Society. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, forthcoming, 2011.

Compassion: Loving our Neighbor in an Age of Globalization. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2009.

She Who Imagines: Feminist Theological Aesthetics. Forthcoming with The Liturgical Press, November 2012.

“Common Beauty and the Common Good: Theological Aesthetics and Justice in Urban America,” The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 31.1 (Spring/Summer 2011).

“Jus Ante Bellum: Faith-Based Diplomacy and the Christian Traditions on War and Peace,” The Journal of Peace and Justice Studies, 21.1 (Spring 2011).

 “Can You Sin When You Vote?” in Voting and Holiness: A Catholic's Guide to Participating in the Political Process, ed. Nicholas Cafardi. New York: Paulist Press, 2011.


THEO 1000-L08: Faith & Critical Reason, TF 10:00-11:15 (Lincoln Center)
THEO 5015-R01: Teaching Theology, F 1:00-3:30 (Rose Hill)
THEO 5640-R01: Introduction to Christian Ethics, W 5:30-8:00 (Rose Hill)

FALL 2013

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