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For the Media

For the Media
Members of the Theology Department regularly comment for the international, national, and local media on a wide range of matters related to their areas of scholarly expertise.

The following table presents information about the topics on which faculty members are available to serve as experts. It also indicates the best ways for members of the media to contact faculty.

Members of the media may reach the main department office at (718) 817-3240 and may also book interviews and media appearances through Gina Vergel in the Fordham University Office of Communications: (212) 636-6534 or

Professor Fletcher Jeannine Hill Fletcher

Women in religion/feminist theological perspectives; interreligious dialogue/interfaith issues | webpage
Professor Hornbeck J. Patrick Hornbeck II

Contemporary U.S. Roman Catholicism; religious affiliation and disaffiliation; "deconversion"; Catholicism in the public square; LGBTQ concerns; heresy and dissent in the history of Christianity

(718) 817-3240 | | webpage

PRofessor Johnson Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J.

Darwin and Religion; Ecological Theology; God as Creator

(718) 817-3427 | | webpage

Professor Fletcher Jim McCartin

Catholic Church; US Catholicism; American Catholic history

(212) 636-7492 | | webpage
Aristotle Papanikolaou

Eastern Orthodox Christianity; Russian Orthodox Church; Church-State relations; Ecumenism; Orthodox-Catholic Relations; Religion in Eastern Europe

(617) 645-4383 | | webpage

Languages:  English, Greek
Professor Peppard Michael Peppard

The Bible and related archaeological discoveries; early Christian History and Theology; Jewish-Christian Relations; Catholicism in American Public Life; Religion and American Politics

(718) 817-3248 | | webpage

Kathryn Reklis Kathryn Reklis

Protestant Christianity; evangelicalism; pentecostalism; new media and religion (including social media); religion and culture; pop culture; art and religion; Protestant and Catholic relations; Calvinism

(917) 587-0872 | | webpage

Maureen A. Tilley

Papacy; History of Christianity (generally) to 1600; History of forms of Christian worship (liturgy); Saints

(212) 636-6369 | | webpage

Richard R. Viladesau

Christianity and world religions; philosophy, science, and theology; the arts and theology | webpage | personal webpage

Languages:  English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, German

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