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Ashley Marie Purpura

M.T.S. - Harvard Divinity School, 2009
B.A. - Florida State University, 2007

Curriculum Vitae

Ashley began her academic study of religion as an undergraduate double majoring in Religion and International Affairs at Florida State University, where she received formative training in the interdisciplinary and critically objective approaches of religious studies. She went on to complete a master’s degree at Harvard Divinity School, where she took classes specializing in the history of Syriac and Byzantine Christianity. Since 2009, Ashley has been pursuing a doctoral degree at Fordham in the History of Christianity, and is currently completing her dissertation titled “Flexible Fixity: Theorizing, Realizing, and Negotiating Byzantine Ideals of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy,” under the direction of Dr. George Demacopoulos. This project incorporates elements from Ashley’s primary research areas: spiritual authority, community identity, and gender in the history of Byzantine theology, Eastern Christian sources of religious praxis (including hymnography, hagiography, liturgy/ritual, iconography, asceticism, and mysticism), and theories of divine representation. Presently, in addition to pursuing her research interests, Ashley is also an online Teaching Associate with Fordham’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies and a Lecturer in Religious Studies at Purdue University. Through both virtual and traditional classrooms, Ashley enjoys offering introductory courses such as Faith and Critical Reason and Introduction to Religious Studies, as well as more specialized courses such as Byzantine Christianity and Christian Mysticism.

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