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Ian Jones

M.Phil. - Fordham University
M.A. - St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
J.D. - University of Virginia School of Law
B.A. - Baylor University

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests: Greek and Latin Patristic Christology, Anthropology, Ecclesiology, and Ethics

Ian Jones received his BA in Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy, from Baylor University. After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, where he served on the managing board for the Journal of Law and Politics, he worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Clarence A. Brimmer of the United States District Court in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Ian then returned to his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, to practice as an associate attorney in the commercial litigation division of the law firm of Adams and Reese. Gaining valuable analytical writing experience but unable to find enough time to satisfy his growing interest in Church history and theology, he chose to go back to school, enrolling in the MA program at St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. Ian's main interests concerned the relationship between Greek and Latin theology up through the Council of Florence, focusing especially on Christology, anthropology, and ecclesiology. These interests developed further while at St Vladimir's, where he wrote his thesis on divine grace and human freedom in St John Cassian's Thirteenth Conference. As a PhD student in the History of Christianity wing of Fordham's Theology Department, Ian invested further in his study of various aspects of Greek and Latin theology, particularly the contested issues of papal primacy and the Filioque. However, through a bioethics course, he found that his theological and legal backgrounds met happily in the field of ethics. His dissertation concerns Greek and Latin patristic understandings of animals and human dominion over them, aiming to construct a patristic-based ethical vision for the treatment of animals today. While at Fordham, Ian has taught several semesters of Faith and Critical Reason to undergraduate students. This academic year, he will teach courses at St Vladimir's in the History and Theology of the Church from Origins to the Medieval Period, and Christian Ethics and Ecology.

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