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Jennifer Jamer

B.A. - Seton Hall University
M.A. - Fordham University (Theology and History)

Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer M. Jamer graduated from Seton Hall University with a B.A in history. At Seton Hall University, she participated in the University Honors Program. Her current research interests were sparked at Seton Hall University when she first read several medieval and Byzantine texts, including Gregory Palamas' Triads. She continued her studies at Fordham, obtaining M.A degrees in both History (with a concentration in Medieval Europe) and Theology. Her dissertation is focused on providing a critical and historically nuanced reading of Gregory Palamas' Triads, a foundational document in modern Orthodox Christian theology and praxis.

As an instructor, she has taught Faith and Critical Reasoning (the university's required introductory theology course), and she will teach Early Christian Writings in Spring 2014.

Her research interests include: patristics, monasticism, dialogue between Eastern and Western Christians, chronicles and histories, the later Byzantine empire, inter-religious dialogue and identity construction, and the role of the bishop in contested territories.

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