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John David Penniman

M.T.S. - Emory University (2007)
B.A. - Elon University (2005)

Curriculum Vitae

John's research is broadly focused on the reception and transformation of the Classical heritage within early Christian thought and practice. His dissertation (supervised by Benjamin Dunning) examines the prevalence of symbolic language about nourishment in early Christian discourses of formation and intellectual development. Beginning with the social and rhetorical underpinnings of Paul's division of milk and solid food in 1 Corinthians, John is exploring how food--particularly the feeding of infants--served as a strategic resource for diverse theories about identity, education, and growth in early Christianity.

Prior to Fordham, John did a BA in Religious Studies at Elon University and received a MTS in the History of Christianity from Emory University. In addition to his research, he has taught courses on Early Christian Writings, Medieval Christianity, and a freshman introductory course called Faith and Critical Reason to Fordham undergraduate students. John was also a founding member of the Fordham Theology Graduate Student Association ( and has served in various roles for that organization.

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