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Matthew Briel

M.A. - University of Minnesota (2010)
M.T.S. - University of Notre Dame (2007)
B.A. - University of Notre Dame (2003)

Curriculum Vitae

Matthew did a BA in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame with minors in theology and Italian. His junior year was spent at the Angelicum, the Dominican University in Rome, and his philosophy work there and at Notre Dame focused on Thomas Aquinas. He went on to do the MTS degree at Notre Dame with a focus in the history of Christianity where he gave his attention to patristic Greek and Latin theology. After a year teaching high school religion, Italian and Latin in Minnesota he then entered the MA program in classics at the University of Minnesota where he also taught Latin. After completing the MA in classics and teaching Latin at the St. Paul School of Divinity, Matthew came to Fordham’s doctoral program in theology because of its strengths in historical theology of the pre-modern period in both the East and the West. He is interested in Latin and Greek theology from the Council of Nicea to the Council of Florence and specializes in Medieval Greek theology. His dissertation examines the influence of Thomas Aquinas on the theology of providence of Gennadios Scholarios (1400-1472).

Research Interests: Theological anthropology in the broadest sense in the Latin and Greek traditions, Greek Thomism, medieval Greek theology, medieval Greek philosophy and medieval Greek Christian verse. Byzantine paleography and codicology.

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