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Jason Steidl

BA, Georgetown University, 2007
MTS, University of Notre Dame, 2011

Curriculum Vitae

Jason Steidl is in his second year of the PhD program in systematic theology at Fordham University. His interests focus on a range of topics surrounding the relationship between culture and faith, including world Christianity, inculturation, missiology, contextual theologies, ecclesiology, and popular religion. He received is Bachelor of Arts in theology and political science from Georgetown University and his Master of Theological Studies from the University of Notre Dame. In between, he spent time in Paraguay as an English teacher where he gained an interest in Latino Christianity and the rise of non-Catholic Christianity. His theological method aims for practicality in reflecting on diverse Christian experiences and beliefs through the study of history, the arts, liturgy, and popular piety. When not engaged in study, he volunteers as an English teacher for St. Rita’s Immigrant and Refugee Center and is an active Sacred Harp Singer.

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