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Scott MacDougall

PhD, Fordham University
MA, The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
BA, Hofstra University

Curriculum Vitae

Scott MacDougall is a Pre-doctoral Teaching Fellow and Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Theology. A contributor to the Huffington Post's Religion section, MacDougall received his M.A. in theology from the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in 2007. He is currently revising a dissertation entitled "More Than Communion: Toward an Eschatological Ecclesiology," which he is scheduled to defend in September 2013. His dissertation seeks to expand the general ideas of communion ecclesiology (understood broadly), by suggesting they often pay insufficient attention to eschatology, which has deleterious effects on the church's theological imagination of itself and, so, on its practice. The constructive position he advances is developed in conversation with case studies of the ecclesiologies of John Milbank and John Zizioulas, which are analyzed in their eschatological and practical dimensions. As an instructor for the core course "Faith and Critical Reason," MacDougall examines topics in Christian systematic theology as they appear in contemporary debates and conflicts over the relationship of faith to science, politics, culture, and social action. These are explored with reference to current issues, demonstrating the real-world effects of (examined and unexamined) religious positions in the public sphere and why thinking critically about theology matters urgently for people of faith. In 2011, he was named by Fordham's Graduate Student Association as the Graduate Teaching Fellow of the Year in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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