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UNDP Seminar

The seminar series explores recent gender-based research, policy initiatives and interventions that incorporate women into the global economy or help them escape poverty traps.

The common theme of these seminars is the role of gender identity in human development and they focus mainly on the following issues:

Poverty diagnostics: what are the key problems and constraints keeping women in poverty? How does gender bias prevent countries from achieving other MDGs, such as reduced infant and maternal mortality?

Broadening policy options: What policy interventions and development projects can be implemented to address these gender related dimensions of poverty? For example, how can women’s access to land, education or credit be improved? An example is legal reform to ensure that marital and inheritance laws do not preclude women’s ownership of assets.

Capacity Building: What steps can be taken to increase the capacity of governments and NGOs to address gender dimensions of poverty? What steps can be taken to better inform policy makers, leading NGOs and governments regarding the negative impacts of gender bias on poverty and efforts to achieve other MDGs?

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