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Trade and Gender Issues
Monday, May 7th, 6:00p.m.


Winnie Byanyima, Gender Group, UNDP


Caren Grown, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
Toward a Feminist Economics of Trade (presentation)

Yana Rodgers, Rutgers University
Trade Policy Liberalization and Gender Equality in the Labor Market:
New Evidence for India (paper_1 paper_2) (presentation)

Ramya Vijaya, Richard Stockton College
Trade and Education Divergence: A gender Perspective (presentation) (paper)


Darryl McLeod, Fordham University
Baybars Karacaovali, Fordham University

Previous Seminars

Women's Access to Financial Resources
Monday, April 30th, 6:00p.m  


Selim Jahan, Poverty Group, UNDP


Michelle Adato, IFPRI
Gender, Culture and Cash: The relevance of Sociocultural Context in
Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (presentation)

Jonathan Morduch, NYU
Gender Targeted Microfinance (presentation)

Nisreen Alami, UNIFEM
Gender Budgeting: What have we learned? (presentation)


Gwendolyn Tedeschi, Fordham University
Rathin Roy, UNDP

Women's Health: Challenges and New Directions
Monday, March 19th, 6:00pm


Nancy Busch, Dean GSAS, Fordham University

Deborah Balk, CUNY - “Setting the Stage for Equity-Sensitive Monitoring of the Health Millennium Development Goals"

Elizabeth Lule, World Bank- “Gender, poverty and HIV/AIDS”

Kayode Oyegbite, UNICEF- “Perspectives on Gender and Health”


Sophie Mitra, Fordham University

Thomas Franklin, UNICEF 

Janis Barry, Fordham University

Improving Women's Access to Education
January 30th, 6:00p.m.


Nora Lustig, Director BDP-UNDP's Poverty Group


Marlaine Lockheed, Center for Global Development - Inexcusable Absence. Why 60 million girls are still out of school and what to do about it

Darryl McLeod, Fordham University - “The Female Education-Growth Puzzle: A New Perspective"

Cream Wright, Chief of Education, UNICEF - "Addressing Gender Dimensions of Poverty and Development: New Pathways in Girl's Education"


Gwendolyn Alexander, Fordham University

Selim Jahan, Senior Adviser, Strategies and Policies for Poverty Reduction, UNDP

Chandrika Bahadur, Policy Adviser, Education, UNDP

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