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Troy Tassier

Troy Tassier

Associate Professor of Economics

Office: E528 Dealy Hall (RH)
Phone: (718) 817-4793

University of Iowa, Ph.D. Economics, 2002
University of Iowa, M.A. Economics, 2000
Michigan Technological University, B.S. Economics, 1993


"Depth to Bedrock and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890-1915," Jason Barr, Troy Tassier, and Rossen Trendafilov, Journal of Economic History, 71 (4), 2011, 1060-1077.

"A Characterization of Equilibria in the Groves Ledyard Mechanism,'' Scott E. Page and Troy Tassier, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 46, 2010, 1229-1242.

"Using Social Networks to Prioritize Vaccination Strategies for Healthcare Workers,'' Philip Polgreen, Troy Tassier, Sriram Pemmaraju, and Alberto Segre, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 31(9), 2010, 893-900.

"Endogenous Neighborhood Selection and the Attainment of Cooperation in a Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma," Jason Barr and Troy Tassier,  Computational Economics, 35(3), 2010, 211-234.

"Social Network Structure, Equality, and Segregation in a Labor Market with Referral Hiring," Troy Tassier and Filippo Menczer, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 66, 2008, 514-528.

"Referral Hiring and Gender Segregation in the Workplace," Troy Tassier, Eastern Economic Journal, 34, 2008, 429-440.

"Segregation and Strategic Neighborhood Interaction," Jason Barr and Troy Tassier, Eastern Economic Journal, 34, 2008, 480-503.

"Why Chains Beget Chains: An Ecological Model of Firm Entry and Exit and the Evolution of Market Similarity," Scott E. Page and Troy Tassier, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 31, 2007, 3427-3458.

"Labor Market Implications of Weak Ties," Troy Tassier, Southern Economic Journal, 72(3) 2006, 704-719. (1st Runner-up for the 2006 Georgescu-Roegen Prize which is awarded to the best article published in the Southern Economic Journal.)

"A Markov Model of Referral Based Hiring and Workplace Segregation," Troy Tassier, Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 29(3) 2005, 233-262.

"Equilibrium Selection and Stability for the Groves Ledyard Mechanism," Scott E. Page and Troy Tassier, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 6 (2) 2004, 311-335.

"A Model of Fads, Fashions, and Group Formation," Troy Tassier, Complexity, 9 2004, 51-61.

"Emerging Small-World Referral Networks in Evolutionary Labor Markets,'' Troy Tassier and Filippo Menczer, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (Special Issue on Computational Economics), 5 (5), 2001, 482-492.

"Complexity and Economics,'' Troy Tassier, 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook, edited by Rhona C. Free, Sage Publications, 2010, 883-890.

"Agent-Based Models as a Complement to Economic Theory: A Durable Goods Example," Troy Tassier Mark Everson, and Dave Ostrowski, Proceedings of the 2002 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 729-734.

"Using Cultural Algorithms to Evolve Strategies in Agent Based Models," Dave Ostrowski, Troy Tassier, Mark Everson, and Robert Reynolds, Proceedings of the 2002 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 741-746.

"Introduction to Symposium," Jason M Barr, Troy Tassier, and Leanne Ussher, Eastern Economic Journal (Special Issue on Agent-Based Computational Economics), 34, 2008, 421-422.

"The Future of Agent-Based Research in Economics: A Panel Discussion, Eastern Economic Association Annual Meetings, Boston, March 7, 2008," Jason M Barr, Troy Tassier, Leanne J Ussher, Blake LeBaron, Shu-Heng Chen, and Shyam Sunder, Eastern Economic Journal, 34, 2008, 550-565

Other Accomplishments:
I help to organize the NYC Computational Economics Workshop. Please join us for a meeting if the website and topic is of interest to you.
I am a member of the Computational Epidemioloy working group at the University of Iowa. (compEpi webpage).
WFUV's "Fordham Conversations" interview about my influenza vaccination research with Phil Polgreen and Alberto Segre.  (An archive of the interview broadcast is available here: interview)

Research in Progress/ Papers Under Review
"Targeted Vaccine Subsidies for Healthcare Workers," with Philip Polgreen and Alberto Segre.
"A Game Theoretic Approach to Vaccine Decisions"
"Game Theory and Behavioral Epidemiology with Structured Contacts"
"Who You Know vs. What You Know: Effects of Referral Hiring on Education Decisions."

Book Manuscripts in Production
The Economics of Epidemiology

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