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Master's Theses

Completed Projects

"Seasonality and the Local Food System: The Role of Seasons in Local Food Education in New York City"
Sarah Benoit (2011)

"Blue-Collar Working Mothers: The Effects of the 2009/2010 MTA/NYCT Budget Cuts on Female TWU Local 100"

Kathleen Adams (2012)

"Bullets Don't Have Names: The Effects of Social Capital on Adolescent African-American Girls' Integration into Public Space"
Courtney Ball (2012)

“The Bagel Bakers’ Unions of New York City: From Lower East Side Jewish Immigrants to Unionized Journeymen”
Jamie Feigenbaum (2013)

"Tenants Rise: Resistance to the Gentrification Process in West Harlem"
Miles Gamble (2013)

"111 1st Street Jersey City, NJ: The Life and Death of an Arts Community"
David Goodwin (2012)

"The Intersection of History, Memory and Space: the Old Bronx Courthouse and the Legacy of Nos Quedamos"
Mary Loane, (2013)

"The Disintegration of New York City: What the abolition of the Board of Estimate and current structure of NYC government means for Minority Citizens"
Zellnor Myrie (2013)

"Educational Infrastructural Development in Bangladesh: A Comparative Rural and Urban Community Context Study of Government Primary Schools in Bangladesh"
Minhajul Meje (2012)

"Waterfront Redevelopment at South Street Seaport: Where Water and Land, Collaboration and Planning Converge"
Kathryn Tipora (2012)

“New York City Graffiti Murals: Cultural Treasures Worth Supporting”
Patrick J. Verel (2013)

“New York's Domestic Workers: Non-Profit Organizations, Urban Community, and Implementation of The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.”
Jahmila Vincent (2013)

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